Battlefield Mobile open beta launches in a handful of countries

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Those looking forward to playing Battlefield Mobile will be happy to learn that the game is a step closer to release with an open beta launch.

The latest entry into the popular EA Battlefield franchise will take it mobile, and the game is already available if you happen to live in the right part of the world. Those in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore can now download it in open beta form. Just remember to report those bugs!

#BattlefieldMobile Open Beta is now live in The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore on Android devices. The game will be available worldwide later.
File Size: 1.09 GB
Google Play Store:

— Battlefield Bulletin (@BFBulletin) November 8, 2022

Those taking part in the open beta will be able to enjoy a few different aspects of the game, with EA saying that gamers will:

  • Fight for control of the AO in Conquest,
  • Advance your front line in Warpath,
  • Sabotage and defend MCOM stations in Rush,
  • Battle to the last soldier standing in Team Deathmatch,
  • And test your mettle in a variety of special modes, some yet to come.

Everyone else can already pre-register their device for download of Battlefield Mobile as and when it's deemed ready.

As for when that might be, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said on an earnings call earlier this year that Battlefield Mobile might launch before the end of the year. But that will likely very much depend on how this open beta goes down.

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