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Best 64GB microSD cards to expand storage on your phone

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Unlike iPhones, a lot of Android phones let you expand storage. And it’s not just the budget phones that offer this feature. You even have flagship phones from Samsung that support the ability to add in a microSD card. The extra space can be used to store high-quality photos, videos, and files on your device. Most of these cards come with additional protection against water, high temperature, and more. More importantly, the same card can be used on action camera, drones, and tablets as well. Here are the best microSD cards that you get on Amazon India.

1. SanDisk 64GB Class 10 Ultra

Budget pick


Sandisk 64GB Class 10 Ultra MicroSD UHS-U1A1 Card with Adapter (SDSQUAR-064G-GO61A)

₹ 630
₹ 1650 (62% off)

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This memory card from SanDisk gets a Class 10 Ultra rating. It can be used for storing video recordings shot in full-HD resolution. You get transfer speeds up to 100MB/s that allows you to shift up to 1200 photos in a minute. In addition to still photos, this card can accommodate video footage up to 4 hours and with the built-in Memory Zone app, you can smartly manage the data or files stored in the card and clean them up according to your needs. You can use this card with smartphone, tablets, and digital camera as well.

2. HP 64GB Class 10


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HP 64GB Class 10 MicroSD Memory Card (HP-MSDCWAU1-64GB)

₹ 709
₹ 2900 (76% off)

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This HP card also gets Class 10 rating, and you have 64GB internal storage available. You get read speeds up to 80MB/s and minimum write speeds of 30MB/s. With these figures, your data will be quickly transferred between devices. This card is ideal for storing photos, music files, movies, apps, and e-books that you need for studying. Goes without saying that HP is making sure this card is compatible to run on phone, tablet, and PCs as well. Class 10 rating means you can shoot full-HD videos and save it on the card. The company has made sure the card can withstand rough conditions to protect your data.

3. Samsung EVO Plus Class 10 64GB

Best in class


Samsung EVO Plus Class 10 64GB MicroSD 80 MB/S Memory Card with SD Adapter (MB-MC64D)

₹ 849
₹ 2500 (67% off)

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Samsung caters to buyers with the EVO Plus Class 10 card. You have write speeds of 20MB/s and read speeds up to 80MB/s with the card that is suitable to store video recordings in full-HD resolution. The total space inside the card lets you keep over 8 hours of video footage, 5,000 photos, or 15,000+ songs. But the most intriguing part about this card is that it protects from the damage caused by the airport X-Ray machine. Extra durability is offered with its ability to withstand high temperature, water submerging, and magnetic proof as well. The overall performance of this card makes it ideal for action camera, high-end smartphones, and tablets.

4. A-DATA V30 A1 64GB Class 10 UHS-3

Featured packed


A-DATA V30 A1 64GB Class 10 UHS-3 Micro SD Memory Card

₹ 679
₹ 1200 (44% off)

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The V30 A1 from A-DATA is also worth considering. With this card you can store video footage in 4k quality, high-quality photos and share them instantly from your phone. You get data transfer speeds up to 100MB/s with this A1 card that offers four proof protection against water, extreme temperature, and other harsh conditions. You have 64GB storage that is sufficient keep photos, files, apps and more. This card is compatible with Android phones (with memory card slot), digital cameras, and tablets.

5. Strontium Nitro A1 64GB

User recommended


Strontium Nitro A1 64GB Micro SDXC Memory Card 100MB/s A1 UHS-I U3 Class 10 with High Speed Adapter for Smartphones Tablets Drones Action Cams (SRN64GTFU3A1A)

₹ 659
₹ 2399 (73% off)

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Last on our list is the Strontium Nitro, which is also an A1-rated memory card. You get transfer speed up to 100MB/s that is compatible with Android phone, action cameras, drones and more. With the A1 rating, this card lets you store video and photos in high-quality. The overall performance of apps stored on the card is also much faster than regular devices. The card offers protection against water, high temperature, magnetic effect, and x-ray machines that can damage it.

Other options to consider

SanDisk Extreme uSD

Best in class

41mjR9U MDL

SanDisk Extreme uSD,160 MB/s R, 60MB/s W,C10,UHS,U3,V30,A2,64GB, for 4K Video on Smartphones, Action Cams & Drones

₹ 1080
₹ 2000 (46% off)

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Western Digital Purple QD101

Also consider


Western Digital Purple 64GB SC QD101 microSD Card (WDD064G1P0C)

₹ 999
₹ 1850 (46% off)

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Kingston Canvas Select Plus

Value for money


Kingston Canvas Select Plus 64GB microSD Card with Adapter (SDCS2/64GBIN)

₹ 872
₹ 1600 (46% off)

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Toshiba M203



Toshiba M203 64GB Class 10 Micro SD Memory Card (THN-M203K0640A4)

₹ 879
₹ 2000 (57% off)

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Transcend UHS-I U1

User recommended


Transcend UHS-I U1 64 GB Micro Memory Card

₹ 895
₹ 1999 (56% off)

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Kioxia Exceria



Kioxia 64GB MicroSD Exceria Memory Card with Adapter Class 10 Full HD High Read Speed 100MB/s LMEX1L064GG2

₹ 930
₹ 1500 (38% off)

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Best value


HP Micro SD Card 64GB with Adapter U3 (Purple) (Write Speed 60MB/s & Read Speed 100 MB/s Records 4K UHD and Fill HD Video)

₹ 769
₹ 1700 (55% off)

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