Best Evernote alternatives for Mac

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  • Jul 15, 2016


The best: OneNote See on App Store

If you are looking for an alternative to Evernote, OneNote is your best option thanks to the wide variety of features, cross-platform compatibility, and cloud syncing.

Bottom-line: If you don’t like the way Evernote’s new pricing structure is headed, switch to OneNote instead.

The details: Why OneNote is the best

You’re not going to miss Evernote when you switch to OneNote for Mac

OneNote on the Mac has everything you need to clip, create, and save notes. You can import pictures, PDFs, file attachments, and more. You can also insert tables, create text links, solve equations, add a date and time stamp, and include graphs.

It organizes your notes into individual notebooks, complete with sections so you can easily see what you are working on. Plus, it has a rich search feature that will sift through every single word in all of your notebooks to find what you are looking for.

Your notes are synced in OneDrive and accessible on any device. You can protect individual notes with a password and share notebooks with others so they can see, and even edit them.

The OneNote web clipper lets you save pages from your favorite web browser. You can save an entire page, a screenshot, or just the article. So, you can save your favorite stories on the web in a variety of different ways.

Runner up: Notability See on App Store

When it comes to taking notes, Notability is tops. It has powerful note-taking and annotation features that make it a must-have for college students. You can drag images, PDFs, and other documents into a note. When you record while taking notes, you can tap a word to skip ahead to that specific spot in the recording to playback what was said at that moment.

Bottom-line: If note-taking is a priority for you, Notability is a formidable replacement for Evernote.

Recording notes: AudioNote See on App Store

For recording lectures and interviews while you write, AudioNote has you covered. When you press the record button while you type, you’ll see a time stamp next to every new line you write. When you are ready to review what you recorded, you can go directly to the time related to a particular note. If you change a note, or want it to coincide with a different time, you can highlight it and update it to the new spot in the recording.

Bottom-line: If you only used Evernote for its recording feature, you’ll be satisfied with what AudioNote can do.

For groups: Quip See on App Store

Quip is a collaborative note taking app that lets groups of people write and edit projects. Members can work together in real time on a document. There is also a convenient chat window built right into each notebook so that collaborators can talk about changes they want to make before rushing in.

Bottom-line: Quip will help you get the most out of group note taking.

Built-in: Apple Notes

The built-in Notes app on Mac is pretty amazing. You can sync across all devices and across multiple platforms. You can create checklists, share notes, and import photos. You can lock notes with a password. There is also a very easy way to move all of your Evernote content over.

Bottom-line: Notes on the Mac… it just works!

Conclusion: OneNote is the best replacement for Evernote

If you’re thinking of switching from Evernote, you won’t experience FOMO by picking up OneNote instead.

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