Best free Icon packs for Windows 11/10

Windows 11 comes with a new beautiful and modern user interface but we can make it look even better with some simple customizations. I am talking about the icon packs. If you are not happy with the default icons on your Windows 11/10 PC, you can download some good icon packs. There are many different icon packs available on the web but certainly is difficult to choose the best ones. Today, in this post, I will be talking about the 10 best icon packs for your Windows 11/10 PC which will make your desktop look beautiful.

You know what’s an icon pack right? Well, Icon Pack, as the name itself suggests is a pack of new icons for the apps stored on your PC or phone. Normally an icon pack contains thousands of icons for various apps. These are not made by the apps themselves but designed by a third-party program to help you customize your devices.

Best free Icon packs for Windows 11/10

If you don’t like the Windows default icons on your PC, try these cool free Icon packs for Windows 11/10 and customize your desktop:

  1. Simplus Icons
  2. Kingdom Icons
  3. Chibi Anime Drive Icons
  4. Flat Color W10 Icon Pack
  5. 40 Gamy Vintage Social Media Icons
  6. Movies Icon Pack
  7. Insignia Master
  8. Shadow 135

1] Simplus Icons

This is one of the most popular Windows icon packs available currently. As the name says, it has very simple and plain icons for your folder. Simplus comes in a zipped file and has both light and dark icons for the folders on your PC. It takes less than a minute to land on your PC and then you can change your folders icons right away. If you have a dark desktop background set on your PC, choose the light icons and if you have a lighter desktop background, dark icons would look good. So if you are someone who wants to customize the icons but not looking for the flashy ones, Simplus can be your choice. Download Simplus.

2] Kingdom Icons

Again, the name says it all. This icon pack has kingdom icons featuring swords, crowns, arrows, bows, castles, etc. So this pack is suitable for someone who is into such games, however, none of these icons represent any of your folders on the PC but it can certainly make your desktop look more personalized. Since the icons here won’t literally represent what your folders are about, you might face a little problem in searching your folders. For example, if you have set an arrow icon for your ‘pictures’ folder, you have to remember this, or else you will have to open and check every folder. Download Kingdom Icon Pack.

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3] Chibi Anime Drive Icons

Doing something different may add a new charm to your desktop. Try these anime cartoon icons for the folders on your PC. This icon pack contains Japanese anime cartoon icons and they look pretty attractive. And, I just noticed that it has only female characters and cartoon icons. All these characters are from popular Japanese anime shows. Download Chibi Anime Drive Pack.

4] Flat Color W10 Icon Pack

This icon pack has just a few icons but they are all pretty different from what we have been seeing till now. It has a dedicated icon for Windows Media Player, Explorer, and Calculator. Also, it has an icon for Woman User which is pretty interesting. This pack’s icons actually look inspired by the Windows design itself. Download Flat Color W10 Pack.

5] 40 Gamy Vintage Social Media Icons

If you love the retro and vintage look, you can surely try this beautiful set of icons named Gamy Vintage Social Media Icons. As the name says, it contains 40 icons in one pack and they are beautiful vintage icons in brown color. You will see different icons for various social media platforms here. Download Gamy Vintage Social Media Icons.

6] Movies Icon Pack

I don’t know why anyone would want to put the icons of the movies for their folders but yes, this is another free icon pack for your Windows 11 PC. I love watching movies but I don’t think I will ever put them as icons on my desktop. Well, at least now I have a list of some good movies to add to my watchlist. 😀 There are two files for each icon here, one is a PNG file, and the other is a .ico file.

7] Insignia Master

This is a nice one. This icon pack includes the icons for almost every web-based application- including Gmail, Messenger, Twitter, Drive, etc. But that actually fails the purpose of using the icon pack. These are all very similar to the original app icons, then what’s the point in changing them. But yes, each on his own. So if you want to try these new original-like icons, you may try this pack. This pack contains icons of many different sizes right from 16×16 to 256X256. Download Insignia Master.

8] Shadows 135

I like this one. This icon pack has 46 icons and each one has a shadow in the background which gives them a little depth. These icons look attractive and will certainly give a new look to your desktop. Download Shadows 135.

So this was my list of the best free icons packs for your Windows 11 PC. Do let me know via comments, which one you like the most.

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How do I change the icons on my Desktop?

  • Go to your Desktop, right-click anywhere and select Personalize > Themes > Desktop Icon Settings.
  • Click on Change Icon.
  • Browse the icon packs downloaded on your PC.
  • Select the icon you want and click on Ok.

How do I get icons on Windows 11?

We have mentioned some really good icon packs above in the post. You can download the zipped file on your PC, extract and then use them to customize your desktop.

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