Best Instagram Tools 2019 – Best Instagram Apps

Best Instagram tools 2019 – Best Instagram marketing tools to grow Instagram followers and Instagram engagement. These best Instagram apps 2019 are very useful any Instagram user who wish to grow their Instagram account. Read along:

Best Instagram Tools 2019

1. Snapseed

The most popular photo editing app { iOS and Android } for Instagram. Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor developed by Google. The app comes with 29 tools and filters, including: healing, brush, structure, hdr, perspective, white balance, rotate, crop, text, blur, tune image and many more. Using their tool, one can adjust exposure and color automatically or manually with fine, precise control, adjust the colors so that the image looks more natural or selectively retouch exposure, saturation, brightness or warmth. It also brings more advance features such as face enhance and face pose. The face enhance add focus to the eyes, add face-specific lighting, or smoothen skin, whereas the face pose lets you correct the pose of portraits based on three dimensional models. The app works on JPG and RAW files and all styles can be tweaked with fine, precise control. One can download the app from Google Play or iTune iOs Store.

2. Regrann

This app { iOS and Android } is highly useful for repost for Instagram. The Regrann app lets you expands Instagram capabilities as one can repost to the Instagram feed, keep Instagram posts to repost later, save photos and videos to your phone, upload full sized pics from your phone’s gallery to Instagram without cropping them. No more having to leave out parts of your photos and share posts through any other app that accepts photos or videos. The app is very simple to use and there is no need to leave Instagram. From any Instagram screen and from any Instagram user, select a photo or video you like, click on the 3 dots bellow the comments and select “Copy share URL”. Regrann uses the Instagram app to repost photos and videos. So, there is no need for you to login to it. It runs in the background of Instagram. Also, Regrann can be set to operate in Quick modes for reposting to Instagram, saving to your device or posting later… for even higher speed. Regrann gives credit to the user you repost from without modifying in any way the photos and videos. Credit is added to the caption of the photos / videos you repost.

3. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is the leading Instagram analytics and social media management tool for over 25,000 users. It helps to Leverage industry-leading analytics and tools to grow your business on Instagram and Facebook. It has an advanced analytics feature In-depth, easy to read graphs displaying your performance for metrics like follower evolution, average engagement rate per post, reach and impressions history and more! Use insights like when your followers are online to modify your social media strategy and optimize your performance. It also comes with Instagram Stories analytics, In-depth engagement insights and community analytics. It comes with an exclusive Instagram Stories insights with metrics like Stories reach and impressions, completion rate by story type and best time to post Stories. One can easily manage multiple social profiles from one dashboard; multiple brands across both Instagram and Facebook. It comes with an extensive Competitor Tracking and Monitoring, which enables to understand how the performance stacks up to the rest of the industry. You can easily plan and schedule the content – includes automatic posting to Instagram, Location and Account Tagging to increase your engagement.

4. Storyheap

Using this app one can make and post Instagram Stories on the web. If you aren’t fond of making Instagram Stories on your smartphone, try Storyheap. Storyheap is a web app that lets you create and schedule Snapchat and Instagram Stories in your web browser. The app has a drag-and-drop story builder, so it’s just as easy to make stories on Storyheap as it is in the Snapchat or Instagram app. Even better, it has built-in filters and photo editing options, so you can spice up your stories without calling a designer. After you’re finished making your Story, Storyheap lets you publish it right away or schedule it for a later time. We like to make all of our stories on Monday morning and schedule them throughout the week. This saves time and lets our social media managers focus on other tasks. Using the app one can upload, schedule, and analyze the stories in just a few clicks from the web. It also helps with Story Analytics. It gives you insight with unique Story metrics such as open rates, views, engagement and more.

5. Magisto

Be a video superhero. Make outstanding social videos in minutes with the power of Magisto’s smart video editor. For personal use, Magisto’s A.I. video maker magically transforms your videos and photos into exciting video stories. It is the fastest way to turn your everyday videos and photos into inspired video stories and the easiest way to share them everywhere. It’s not actually magic, its Magisto. Upload photos and videos, give simple directions and Magisto video maker selects the best parts of your videos and photos, adds your chosen music, effects, and splices them into exciting video stories. Be a video superhero. Simply, choose footage, select editing style and add music. That’s all. It uses “Emotion Sense Technology” and visual and audio analysis.

6. Wishpond

This is a very useful tool for making an Instagram Photo contests that engage fans and followers. Wishpond’s photo contest builder automatically creates contests that look great on desktop, tablet & mobile devices, no coding required. It makes it easy to build and run your next photo contest on Instagram, Facebook, your website and more. Photo contest entries automatically get added to a gallery that shows photo captions, entrants, and votes. Users can collect photos using Instagram hashtags and each photo contest entry gets its own unique URL to help your contest go viral. One can then auto-approve entries, or moderate submissions before they appear in the gallery and limit the number of entries from each entrant. Using its Photo Contest feature, you can easily create photo contests complete with entry pages and galleries. Your audience can submit photos via Facebook, Instagram, or direct upload. Even better, you can require photos to have specific Instagram hashtags or a for entry.

7. Unfold

Unfold is a toolkit for storytellers. Using the app one can create beautiful and engaging stories with minimal and elegant templates. It comes with many useful features. It has 25 templates + 75 premium templates to find the collection that fits your style. It comes with 5 fonts + advanced text tools which can set the mood of the story. It has full photo and video support, whichmeans tell the story how you want to. Users can export the stories in high resolution for seamless sharing to other platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. The best part about using the app is that no account is required. Just download Unfold and start creating stories. No strings attached. You can also use Unfold’s toolkit, editor and designer to create story collages with styles, white borders, and custom font & text with photos and videos.

8. Autohash

Are you tired of adding hashtags manually on Instagram? Are you tired of searching for the best hashtags on Instagram? AutoHash will get you all the best hashtags without any effort. The USP of the app is its location-based Hashtags – just turn on the GPS and get hashtags that relevant to your location. AutoHash uses super smart computer vision algorithms to find you the best hashtags for your Instagram photos. Just select a photo and after less than a second you will get all the best hashtags you need. AutoHash will get you the most suitable hashtags for each and every photo. Moreover, we already made all the hashtag’s research for you and we found the most popular hashtags on Instagram by different categories. For example, each time our algorithm recognize food, you will get automatically the best food related hashtags (#foodi, #yum #foodporn and more). Using the right hashtags will help you get more followers, likes, comment and views on Instagram. AutoHash can be useful for professional Instagram Users, Social media agencies, Influencers and more.

There are amny more useful tools, but these are accepted to be the best in their category.

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