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Best Touch ID apps for iPhone


Keep your apps conveniently protected with these awesome Touch ID compatible apps for iPhone!

Touch ID lets you unlock your iPhone or iPad and buy App Store apps faster than ever. App Store apps also have the ability to integrate Touch ID if they choose. Considering we store lots of personal and sensitive information on our iPhones, password protecting certain apps are a necessary evil. Luckily, Touch ID does a great job of balancing protection and convenience.

Here are some of the best iPhone apps that do a great job of integrating Touch ID for your protection.


What better way to for stuff online than PayPal, and what better way to use PayPal on your iPhone than with Touch ID? You can usually save your PayPal credentials, and if someone gets ahold of your iPhone, you could be seeing some unusual purchases appear on your next credit card statement.

Protect your PayPal account and protect your money with Touch ID and the PayPal app!



Take notes, set reminders, and a whole lot more with Evernote — one of the best notes apps around. You can also save things you find online, and keep it all protected from prying eyes with Touch ID.



If you’re only concerned about keeping one app secure, it should be your password manager. 1Password offers support for any login type you could think of, 2FA support, Dropbox sync, iCloud sync, password generation, and tons more. It’s also available for virtually every platform.



Dashlane is another password manager very similar to 1Password. Store passwords and logins, create new passwords, and lots more. The main difference between the two is that 1Password costs a little more up front. Dashlane is subscription based.



Another favorite password manager is LastPass. LastPass is also subscription based like Dashlane and provides a lot of the same great features. The main difference is that LastPass also offers premium and enterprise options the others can’t come close to offering. For options when it comes to password management and security, there’s none better than LastPass.

It even comes with an Apple Watch app so that you can make sure you’re secure on all fronts.



Mint links in all your personal finance accounts and helps you figure out where your money is going and how you can better manage it. You can also hook in investment accounts and set budgets for individual categories. Touch ID support adds an extra layer of security to your sensitive data without compromising convenience.



Authy is one of the easiest ways to generate tokens for two factor authentication on the go. Hook in your Google, Facebook, Dropbox, AWS, and many other kinds of accounts and you’re ready to go. Next time you need to verify a login, no need to mess with bar codes and other verification methods. Touch ID support makes your tokens even more accessible, but not less secure.


Scanner Pro

If you have a lot of documents to scan and manage on a regular basis, Scanner Pro is what you want. Not only can you scan, merge, and clean up documents, you can also password protect them for prying eyes. Touch ID support allows you to access them even quicker without sacrificing convenience.


Documents 5

Documents 5 is Readdle’s central hub for all your documents. It integrates with all of Readdle’s other productivity apps and functions as a PDF reader, media player, and download manager all in one. With Touch ID support you can always make sure sensitive documents never get accessed by anyone unauthorized.


Day One

Day One is a beautiful journaling app that lets you gather your thoughts in the most elegant of ways. With features such as image support, Markdown, and beautiful day and calendar views, it’s pretty much the best way to track your private thoughts on iOS. Touch ID support balances privacy and easy access so security doesn’t slow you down.



We store a lot in the cloud these days and Dropbox is no exception. If you store anything in Dropbox, you should always have it password protected on your iPhone. Touch ID support makes dealing with annoying passwords when accessing Dropbox pretty much a non-issue.


Your favorite apps with Touch ID?

If you take your privacy and security seriously, what apps are you using that support Touch ID? And more importantly, what apps do you have that you seriously wish would add Touch ID support? Let me know in the comments!


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