Best Touchscreen Gloves for Winter

  • 3 min read
  • Dec 01, 2016

What are the best touchscreen gloves? The ones that keep your hands warm and actually work!

Not to bring up a meme that’s done to death (literally, if you watch the show), but:

That means that using your phone outside is uncomfortable and makes for frigid digits. That is unless you have some awesome touchscreen gloves that let you use your phone with toasty phalanges.

Not all gloves of this nature work very well, so here are the best of the best to keep you texting even when Jack Frost is nipping at your butt.

Mujjo double-layered touchscreen gloves

These dual-layer gloves are Mujjo’s response to customers asking for something a bit thicker for colder climes. They added a layer of wool (just like grandma used to do!) so you can now have your phone and keep your hands warm too.

Silicone grips all over the palms of these gloves make sure your phone doesn’t slip out of your hands in slippery weather, and Mujjo has made it so that you can use any fingertip, knuckle, and even the palm or heel of your hand. It’s almost like you’re wearing nothing at all… Nothing at all… Nothing at all!

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These acrylic gloves have ten-finger functionality, meaning you can use any finger to use your phone, while keeping warm.

They come in black, red, brown, navy, or white. These aren’t the thickest gloves around and probably won’t do the trick when temps drop below zero, but what are you doing standing around long enough to use your phone when it’s that cold anyway?

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The North Face ThermoBall Etip

As a Canadian, I can attest to The North Face’s quality. The ThermoBall Etips are a little on the bulky side for touchscreen gloves, so movement is somewhat difficult, but they work exceptionally well, even in colder weather.

They come in men’s and women’s sizes and styles, so there’s a ThermoBall Etip for everybody.

See at Amazon Classic Touch Screen Glove Classic gloves let you use any part of your hand to control your phone. They’re not for arctic temperatures, but they’re warmer than most of the thinner touchscreen gloves you might find.

If your screen gets smudged and dirty, you can use the built-in microfiber label to keep it clean, and magnets hidden under the logo help to make sure you don’t lose a glove.

They come in small or medium/large, so make sure you choose the right size.

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Moshi Digits

Moshi Digits are excellent touchscreen gloves that do a great job of keeping your hands warm, and they work very well when it comes to using your phone while wearing them.

They feature a double-layer of material that helps keep your fingers warm, even when it’s quite chilly outside (better than most touchscreen gloves). Each glove also features Moshi’s “GripTrak” pattern on the palm to ensure that you never drop your phone, even in icy weather.

Though they’re dual-layered gloves, they shouldn’t slow down your texting ability, even if you have fingers of lightning.

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Don’t feel like buying a brand new pair of gloves? Nanotips makes it so you don’t have to. Just paint a coating onto the thumbs and fingertips of your favorite gloves and they become touchscreen gloves.

The efficacy of Nanotips really depends on the what material your gloves are made of, and you may see varying results with different pairs of gloves. Nanotips does make a leather formula and one for fabric/acrylic, so make sure you choose the correct formula.

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Got a favorite?

Do you have a favorite pair of touchscreen gloves? Do you even use them? Let us know in the comments below!