Best VoIP Service Providers for your Business growth in 2016

Shocking Ways that best VoIP service Providers Will increase Your Business growth to a better successful level for more Productivity in this year 2016. Important things to know about VoIP service provider for small and midsize business are all here.
VoIP phone service providers have different system of fulfilling their customer's demands. This makes providers to have their good and bad services depending on how they care their business. Different experts has made reviews to help Small business and medium size business owners to know which service provider are the best for them according to their business plan.
The common issue that most VoIP system faces is that they are not ‘plug and play’. This means, they are ‘over the top’ or BYOB (bring your own bandwidth) solutions.
4 things you should also know about VoIP service provider
1) When a customer(you) sign up for the service, phones and central router or simply called a switch are brought to a customer in a box. installation is the task to be accomplished by a customer. It is not as easy as most of people think of. The procedures of installing can be simply handled to tech savvy/ VoIP technician.
2) The Voice over internet service is only as good as your Internet connection. If you connect more phones for the usage in your Office, then be sure that the bandwidth needed to avoid digital garbage must be larger. Digital garbage means problems on hearing the clear words spoken by the distant user/broken words in a sentence.
3)The ‘quality of service’ (QoS) gets lower and lower when VoIP calls and data traffic are competing in the same bandwidth. On the other hand, this simply means
If you make a phone call while your office mate sitting next to you is using the computer to play some YouTube videos by being connected to the same bandwidth, then you must expect negative effect on your call. This is so simply because data and VoIP packets are in competition on the same Internet connection.
4) The factor of internet costs is needed in your monthly cost for the bandwidth.
Below are the best VoIP service provider which offers the golden service for cheap price

  • Comcast’s Business Voice Edge

If you need a full hosted and installed VoIP service for your business, then Comcast Business Voice Edge if there for you! It gives you a 60 day guaranteed to get back you money if you ain't satisfied with their device. Comcast will come to your business place and install the service, test and activate your service, After installing, you will get free system training from the expert on how to use the service. Comcast-voip-service-provider

Comcast provides a data circuit which is separate from your Internet circuit, to move all of your VoIP traffic over their data backbone and out to the PSTN (public switched telephone network). These VoIP packets do not traverse the public Internet and compete for bandwidth with your data traffic. This means you get true QoS, since the phone and Internet traffic travel on completely different circuits.
You can also get full integrated Unified Communications solution. Best Features like mobile smart phone app which makes easy calling and answering business calls away from the office.
It can make you be connected to your office wherever you go. whether you travel abroad or you are at home, but as long as you have Internet connection with your laptop. Then you can be connected to you office calls
If you’d like to learn more about Business Voice Edge, please send an email at:james_milward[at] or call at 503-207-3364.

  • Nextiva VOIP service

If you wan't to switch to Nextiva (the company with over 100,000 businesses) after trying out several other VOIP services. Then you are putting your business on the right track.
The Nextiva phone service is fantastic., the phones arrives quickly and on time, it's set up process is not too complicated and once the phones are plugged in they work excellently without any problem. The call quality is very good and it brings no problems at all.
The speed and follow from the Nextive Tech support are good at making sure the service provided to their clients is of high quality and this makes the provide to be very impressive. You can get fast response from the billing department on providing credit. If you are looking forward to grow larger, then Nextiva VOIP service is highly recommended to you.



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