Beyerdynamic DT 700 Pro X review: Superb studio headphones

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Beyerdynamic has built a reputation creating superb studio-quality headphones that deliver incredible sound along with a durable and sustainable design. The DT 700 Pro X is the 2021 addition to the company’s ‘Pro’ headphones line-up – and represent an improvement on what came before.

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These are closed-back headphones designed to get powerful and vibrant sound delivery for creators who’ll primarily be using them for audio monitoring, recording, DJing, and more. We’ve been using them for video editing and general usage to see how they stack up.

Powerful sound in a durable shell

  • Weight: 350g (without cable)
  • Frequency response: 5-40,000Hz

One of the first design highlights about these headphones is the logical way they’re constructed to be long-lasting and durable. Not simply through a solid construction but also thanks to the removable and user-swappable parts. The earcups come off easily enough, the headband padding can also be tugged away with relative ease, and there are two included cables in the box (so if you lose one it’s not a drama).

The DT 700 Pro X uses a removable mini-XLR cable that attaches to the left earcup and has a clip to keep it in place so it doesn’t accidentally get tugged out – but is easy enough to remove if you want. Both cables have 1/4-inch 3.5mm adapters included as standard, so you can easily connect to devices without fuss. Those cables are also thick, flexible and clearly of high quality.

Sound quality is another of the obvious areas that these headphones shine. These are closed-back cans, primarily intended to be used by creators for monitoring, recording, and even for live performances. They’re perfectly suitable for everyday use, though, and we’ve been using them for listening to music, gaming on PC, and for mic monitoring while crafting YouTube videos.

We were initially taken aback by just how loud these headphones can be. Like, incredibly loud even at apparent lower volumes. We suddenly found ourselves running Windows audio at between 10 and 20 per cent as a result. So if you’ve found your headphones just aren’t loud enough, then you certainly won’t have that issue here.

Immersive sound

  • Circumaural sound coupling with closed-back operation

Our two favourite things about this headset are the overall comfort and the perception of soundstage width conveyed.

The sublime comfort is supplied partly by the lightweight design and excellent padding, but comes in the most part from the supple velour earpads. These are large and deep enough to encompass the majority of your ear, providing a nice wraparound comfort. The accompanying tilt in the headband also means the earcups adjust perfectly to the shape of your head and cover your ears wonderfully as a result.

This design, along with the closed-back nature of the headphones, means you get to enjoy some seriously satisfying passive noise cancellation as a result too. Note: these are not active noise-cancelling (ANC) headphones, yet when immersed in sound we found we barely noticed the outside world. Things like PC fan noise, the hum of passing vehicles, the chatter of loved ones on Zoom calls, all become mere whispers. This is certainly welcome when you’re just trying to concentrate on something and focus on what you’re doing.

It is surprising to see such effective passive noise-cancellation from this style of earpads too. Normally you’d expect thicker faux leather earcups to be necessary to achieve such joys, but not here. That in itself is a wonderful bonus of the design as it means you get the best of both worlds – the comfort of velour and the sound blocking without compromise. We also found this meant our ears didn’t get unnecessarily hot either.

As you’d expect from studio headphones, the sound from the Beyerdynamic DT 700 Pro X is impressive too. There’s rich bass, a warm quality overall, and excellent range throughout the frequency spectrum. They’re great for music and movies and perform equally well for gaming too, providing a vibrant sound that’s a pleasure for the ears.

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Though not a gaming headset (and thus having none of the usual virtual surround sound) these headphones still manage to deliver great audio for gaming too. If the game is mixed well, you can still hear where enemies are coming from and soak in the gaming world around you.

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