месец: Септември 2015

How to install OS X El Capitan

The new OS X El Capitan features a new Split View, features in Safari, поща, бележки, Карти, and Photos, и още. To get your hands on all this new stuff, you have to install the operating system on your Mac. If you want to perform a

Ръцете на С Nexus 6P на Google

Google's new superphone has a fast fingerprint sensor and a camera that works well in low light. SAN FRANCISCO—Google has a new flagship Android superphone: the Nexus 6P. Replacing the Motorola-built Nexus 6, this phone was built specifically to take advantage of Android 6.0 бяла ружа. We spent

Как да се инсталира Linux Кали 2.0 без работеща интернет връзка

Този кратък урок показва как да се инсталира Linux Кали 2.0 на компютър, който не разполага с работеща интернет, или мрежа, Връзка. One of the tasks that the Kali Linux installer performs during the installation process is to check for a working network connection, and,

Seven sneaky adware installer tricks

Install the latest freeware and there’s a good chance you’ll find some bundled adware, също, but most people know how to avoid it. Chose the "Advanced Installation" опция, click "Decline", clear a few checkboxes and you’ll probably be safe. Unfortunately some of the adware companies are

OS X Ел Капитан преглед

OS X носи по-интелигентна Ел Капитан, -гладка, по-сложни опит за Mac. OS X Leopard роди OS X Барс. OS X Lion роди OS X планински лъв. И сега OS X Йосемити е породил OS X Ел Капитан. Точно както монолитни гранит…

Nexus 6P vs Nexus 6

Nexus 6P vs Nexus 6 The Nexus 6 was a departure for Google's Nexus range, moving to a phablet screen size and a flagship price. But it still impressed, thanks to top tier specs and features, plus stock Android on board. Сега, alongside the Nexus 5X,

Top Support Solutions for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

Here is a list of the top Microsoft Support solutions for the most common issues experienced when using Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. 1. Solutions related to user connectivity: How to temporarily deactivate the kernel mode filter driver in Windows Exchange 2013 Client Access Server Configuration: Exchange ...