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17 най-добрите говорители 2016 Великобритания | Най-добър безжичен високоговорител | Най-добрите Bluetooth високоговорител

What's the best wireless Bluetooth speaker? There's a lot of choice when it comes to speakers and wireless speakers, and it's not always clear which will be the best speaker, или най-добрият Bluetooth високоговорител, за теб. Тук, ние ви предоставяме нашия подбор от 17-…

How to write apps with Swift 3

What are the differences between Swift and other app programming languages? And how can I get started writing apps with Swift 3? Apple introduced Swift 3, the latest version of its programming language at its WWDC 2016 event Swift 3 is the first update since Apple

Fedora upgrade - Does this work?

The idea of upgrading your operating system from one version to another is an interesting one. It implies you will be changing your software without changing your hardware. This is true for short-lived operating systems the likes of Fedora, service packs for long-lived distributions like CentOS,