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Surface Pro 6 преглед

Microsoft is releasing the Surface Pro 6 this week and if you are curious how it stacks up to the previous generation, you can read my full write-up below or watch the video. Surface Pro 6 Review – Full Write-up.     източник

Meet TUXEDO Nano V8: A Power-packed Linux Mini PC

TUXEDO Computers is known for building custom PCs or notebooks. They focus on Linux-powered systems while making sure that the hardware configuration they put together is completely compatible with Linux distributions. Наскоро, they pulled the curtains off a new product and revealed the TUXEDO Nano –

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x review: The best headphones under £150?

  Our Rating £113.00FromAmazon$146.99FromAmazonPrice when reviewed 115inc VAT Fun to listen to, comfortable and robust, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is an audio design classic Pros Excellent value for moneyComfortableThumping mid-bassCons Recessed mid-rangeSibilant highsClosed soundstage If you’ve ever searched the web for headphones, you’ve probably come across the

Връх 5 VPS Hosting Providers 2018

  We all hate traffic on road. Don’t we? But what if the same amount of traffic starts landing on our blog or website. Isn’t it a great feeling? Of course, it is! It is a delightful moment for any website master who worked hard to

Връх 5 Free Java Hosting Providers for 2018

  днес, Java is one of the most recognized programming languages available. And why not? There are several frameworks for Java, making web developers’ work effortless. Some of the popular Java frameworks are Grails, JSF, Springs, и т.н.. If your website has been built using Java language

Google да затворят Google+

Google just announced that it will sunset the company's social networking service Google+ for consumers in the coming 10 month period. Google+ was Google's last attempt at creating a Facebook competitor that would put Google on equal footing with the social networking giant in regards to