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Fix: We Can’t Find Your Camera (Error 0xA00F4244) In Windows 10


Понякога, when you open the built-in Camera app, you might get “We can’t find your camera. Check to be sure it’s connected and installed properly, that it isn’t being blocked by antivirus software, and that your camera drivers are up-to-date” error message with 0xA00F4244 as the error code.

we can't find your camera error in Windows 10

The error appears when the Camera app is unable to access or detect the webcam, and it could be due to a number of reasons.

If you are also getting “We can’t find your camera” error, you can try out the following solutions in that order to address the issue.

Allow the Camera app to access your camera

The privacy page in Windows 10 settings offers an option to allow or block apps from accessing your PC’s camera. Make sure that the Camera app is not blocked from accessing your device’s webcam or camera.

стъпка 1: Отваряне на приложението Settings. Отидете до поверителност > Камера.

стъпка 2: Turn on both Camera access for this device и Allow apps to access your camera настроики.

we can't find your camera error in Windows 10 pic2

стъпка 3: в Which apps can access your camera раздел, make sure that Камера app has access to the webcam/camera.

we can't find your camera error in Windows 10 pic3

Check if antivirus is blocking

Most antivirus solutions offer webcam protection feature which enables you to prevent applications from accessing the webcam/camera. The webcam protection is turned on by default in most antivirus software.

The location to allow or block camera access changes depending on the antivirus software, but you should able to find the same in its settings. Например, in Kaspersky Internet Security, you can find camera settings by navigating to Kaspersky settings > Protection > Webcam protection.

we can't find your camera error in Windows 10 pic4

Check if the webcam is disabled on your PC

There is more than a way to disable webcam on a Windows 10 настолен компютър. We recommend you go through our how to disable the webcam in Windows 10 guide to know how to enable the webcam in Windows 10. If you are in hurry, navigate to Device Manager > expand Imaging devices > right-click on camera entry and then click Enable device option. If the camera is not disabled, you will get Disable device option instead.

we can't find your camera error in Windows 10 pic5

Check whether the driver is installed or outdated

Windows 10 automatically detects most webcams without having to install additional drivers. Това каза, since you are getting the “We can’t find the camera” error, we advise you to check if the webcam driver is installed. To do that:

стъпка 1: отворено диспечер на устройствата. Look for Webcam или Imaging devices, and expand the same.

стъпка 2: Кликнете с десния бутон on the webcam entry, кликване Update driver, кликване Search automatically for updated driver software option to let Windows 10 check if there is a newer version of the driver available for the webcam.

we can't find your camera error in Windows 10 pic6

we can't find your camera error in Windows 10 pic7

ЗАБЕЛЕЖКА: If the webcam entry doesn’t appear in Device Manager, it’s likely because its driver is missing or corrupted. В този случай, you need to download the camera driver from the manufacturer’s website and install the same.

Reset or repair the Camera app

If the Camera app is displaying the same error even after trying above methods, you can reset and repair the Camera app. Ето как се прави това.

стъпка 1: Отидете до Настройки ап > Apps > Apps & Характеристика.

стъпка 2: Кликнете върху Камера app entry to see Разширени опции връзка. Click on the same link.

стъпка 3: Scroll down the page to see the Нулиране раздел. Щракнете върху Нулиране button to reset the app.

we can't find your camera error in Windows 10 pic8

Reinstall the Camera app

As a last resort, you can try reinstalling the Camera app. Since it’s not possible to uninstall the Camera app via Settings app, we recommend you go through our how to reinstall the Camera app in Windows 10 насочва за указания стъпка по стъпка.



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