Pandora Premium вече се предлага в Xbox One

Pandora Premium Xbox One

Pandora Premium Xbox One

Пандора $9.99 Premium subscription service is now available за Xbox One. Услугата, which has been limited to Pandora's mobile apps and web player for months, will now let you pick and choose what you want to listen to while you game.

Premium is the music streaming service's highest subscription tier and offers an experience akin to other premium streaming apps. You can use Premium search and play any song, create playlists, and download music for offline listening. Premium also includes unlimited skips and replays, higher quality audio, and no ads.

Pandora Xbox One

Pandora Xbox One

Pandora is also touting a new look and feel for the app, along with autoplay so you can keep listening to tracks similar to what you already picked out. The app also supports background audio, so you can listen while gaming.

With the addition of Pandora Premium, Xbox One gamers now have access to a few major unlimited streaming services, включително Spotify и Deezer. Given the fact that Groove Music's streaming service bit the dust по-рано тази година, it's reassuring to see the list of choices expanding for Xbox users.

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