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Uber Проблеми: изправено Дружеството следствена След съобщения за потребителите на проследяването

Following report that Uber has partaken in some questionable practices, including tracking users after they deleted the Uber app, Congress and federal regulators are considering investigations into the company, according to a report from the Hill. Lawmakers in Washington are reportedly calling for hearings to examine

Uber drops cop-stopping 'Greyball' tool

  Company used Big Data algorithm to stop police getting Uber rides Uber has promised to stop using its 'Greyball' tool to dodge police, after it was revealed that the company was using Big Data to fool regulators with dummy vehicles. The tool uses information such

Google discontinues Pixel laptops

  въпреки това, more notebooks could be forthcoming Google has killed off its line of Pixel notebooks, but fans of the company's first party hardware will be pleased to know it may not be completely abandoning the market. Speaking to press at Barcelona's MWC, TechCrunch reports, Google's

Switch to T-Mobile, Get a Free iPhone 7

Just switch your number to T-Mobile now through Thursday, Март 16, and the company will give you Apple's latest iPhone gratis. Been thinking about upgrading to an iPhone 7? If you're not a T-Mobile customer, you might seriously consider switching, because the uncarrier is running a