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Nvidia Multi-User VR Environment showcased at GTC 2017

Nvidia is currently showcasing various technologies at the GPU Technology Conference (600+ sessions, running from 8-11th May). It is blogging about various highlights from the conference, predominantly with an eye on deep learning and AI, but I noticed a particularly interesting VR development from Nvidia concerning

How To Set Up A Swap File On Linux

Swap is an essential part of Linux, and how it manages programs. With it, Linux users can suspend to RAM, and even allocate extra memory for programs to use when physical RAM runs out. Suffice it to say, everyone should use swap. On traditional Linux distributions,

Netflix Screws Up With New Rating System

  Netflix Is Now a Dating App Without doubt, Netflix is the world’s most popular media streaming service; it’s easy to use, offers an amazing variety of content and until very recently used a tried and tested five-star rating system that made sense and was logical

Fix: Windows Driver Foundation using high CPU

  Windows Driver Foundation is the former name for Windows Driver Framework. It is a set of libraries and tools by Microsoft which helps reduce the complexity while writing Windows drivers. It pushes drivers to user mode. This service is necessary for the overall stability of

Инсталирайте Вино 2.0.1 Stable On Ubuntu Linux

вино 2.0.1 освободен. Инсталирайте Вино 2.0.1 on Ubuntu Linux Systems. The Wine maintenance release 2.0.1 е вече на разположение. вино 2.0.1 comes with various bug fixes and deprecated tools/wineinstall. Общо 47 bugs have been fixed in Wine 2.0.1. Make a note that the official Wine