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Windows 10 Quick Tips – Uninstalling Updates



Прозорците 10 update sequence has been riddled with bugs over the past few months. July was a particularly bad month where the sheer number of buggy patches was concerned. Not so August, въпреки това. August was an uneventful month by comparison, but there was one notable exception– KB4100347.

For those of you who are not “up” on the KB numbering system, KB4100347 was a patch that Microsoft intended to help mitigate the Spectre vulnerabilities in some Intel chips. въпреки това, this patch has been causing boot problems for some computer users. Също, Microsoft pushed this update out to people whose computers did not have the matching Intel chips this update was supposed to fix. And remarkably, it was even pushed out to owners of AMD-based systems– mine included! Go figure…

I un-installed this update from my computer and this week’s Quick Tips article will show you how to do the same.

How To View Update History

  1. Използвай Windows Key + аз to open the Settings App
  2. Избирам Актуализация & Сигурност
  3. In the left panel, избирам Windows Update
  4. In the right panel, избирам View update history

That should bring you to a window similar to this one:


If you don’t see the offending KB4100347 entry in your list, or if you are not suffering from re-boot problems, being stuck in an infinite automatic repair loop, or having performance issues when playing music, using Chrome, or other applications, then you have no reason to proceed.


Забележка: I removed this patch from my computer roughly two weeks ago. The above screenshot was taken yesterday, Tuesday 4, 2018. очевидно, Microsoft has not yet fixed their error and in its infinite wisdom felt that I was wrong and really do need this Intel fix on my AMD computer after all. There may be a way to put a stop to this behavior, and I’ll talk about that solution in a moment.

How To Uninstall An Update

  1. Open Control Panel (type контролен панел in the Start Menu), or visit this Windows Quick Tips page for the one-click way
  2. Избирам Програми и функции
  3. In the left panel, избирам Installed Updates

That should bring you to a window that looks something like this:


Wait! What’s this? KB4100347 is not in the list?! Well now, either Control Panel is wrong, or the Settings App is wrong. Let’s see what’s happening here.

How To Hide An Update

Hidden updates won’t be pushed back to your computer once they are uninstalled. You will need a utility called wushowhide.cab to do this. After I uninstalled the KB4100347 patch last time, I ran this little bit of софтуер and it told me there were no updates to hide. Let’s see what happens this time.

  1. Download wushowhide and run it
  2. Изберете напреднал link and uncheck the box labeled Apply repairs automatically
  3. Изберете Следващия
  4. Follow the instructions in the troubleshooter to hide the problematic driver or update


The troubleshooter will run a short scan and it will eventually give you two options:


  • Hide updates
  • Show hidden updates

Last time I ran this it told me there were no updates available to be hidden. Here’s what it shows me today:


Since I’m here, I’m going to hide Silverlight because it is an outdated and unnecessary bit of software. I checked the box and clicked the Следващия бутон. The troubleshooter did its thing and I closed the utility. В противен случай, KB4100347 is nowhere to be seen.

I ran it again and this time I wanted to see what updates have already been hidden. Lo and behold, Silverlight is the only update that is hidden. KB4100347 is still nowhere to be seen.


I don’t know if I’ve actually helped anyone here today. At least you now know how to uninstall an update, if you can find it. And you know how to hide an update, if you can find it. By hiding it, Microsoft won’t shove it down your throat again. That’s something, I guess.

Никой, and I mean nobody, should ever have to jump through all these hoops to fix a problem caused by Microsoft, or any other vendor for that matter. Всъщност, if any software we use ever sunk this low, we’d most probably be looking for another solution. Microsoft, in my opinion, has become a slipshod and unprofessional entity. за жалост, we Windows users are pretty much stuck with this crap for the foreseeable future. И, we lucky devils are in for another major upgrade (1809) sometime in October. I’m definitely going to defer that one! On the other hand, Microsoft has been known to ignore that setting. Whew boy…

да, there are alternative operating systems of the Linux variety, or Apple (heaven help me), but that doesn’t solve our immediate problem. I have so many years invested in Windows that I am hard-pressed to learn a whole other system at this late stage in the game. But let me tell you this, I am leaning heavily towards a Linux revolution at the moment.



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