Bind Super Key to Menu on Lubuntu

Lubuntu uses LXDE as desktop environment and Openbox as window manager. By default, Super Key (a key between Ctrl and Alt) cannot be used to open desktop menu, and this behavior is maybe uncomfortable for former Windows users. Fortunately, we can bind Super Key to open desktop menu by a little editing to a config file.

1. What To Do

Just change the “C-Escape” string into “Super_L” and do re-login.

2. Edit

Start your text editor and open ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml file.

3. Code

Find the string ‘lxpanelctl’ and you should see these lines of code. Look where the ‘Super_L’ string should be, edit it. And then save it.
<!– Keybindings for running Menu from Lxpanel –>
<keybind key=”Super_L”>
<action name=”Execute”>
<command>lxpanelctl menu</command>

4. Logout & Login Again

You should see the configuration works after login. I wish this makes you happier on Lubuntu and LXDE!