Black Friday Laptop Deals: Bargains, Best Stores, Savings For Post-Thanksgiving Shopping Holiday

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  • Nov 22, 2016

Black Friday can be a hassle: a day of fighting through long lines and hustling shoppers. But the deals can be worth the struggle, especially on electronics. If you’re planning to head out to shop Friday, it might be the best time all year to spring for a laptop.

A good computer doesn’t come cheap, but with stores pushing aggressive deals on Black Friday, a smart shopper can save a nice chunk of change. A quick perusal of the deals indicates you could pay as little as a few hundred bucks for lower-end laptops.

For instance a savvy buyer can land a Lenovo notebook for less than an average ticket to a Minnesota Vikings NFL game. The notebook comes with Microsoft Windows 10 Professional and bluetooth headphones and costs just $180, according to WFAA. That’s a 42 percent drop in price.

For the tech-savvy out there looking for a higher-end laptop, there are certainly options in that regard, as well. Tech website C-NET chose a few of its favorite laptop deals for Black Friday. It picked a Dell XPS touchscreen laptop ($849.99) and a 14-inch Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon ($914.99) as its top picks.

A number of the bigger electronic stores hold off announcing their Black Friday deals until the last second. Best Buy, for instance, will post deals sometime Thursday, but it is unclear when exactly. It’s a part of an effort to keep a sudden rush of customers from crashing the website. The retailer suggests to “check back often, and be sure to refresh your browser to see the deals when they become available.”

If you’re planning to hit up just one store on Black Friday, it’s good to know which retailer will give you the best deal. As far as stores with electronics go, Wallet Hub found that, on average, HH Gregg products are will be discounted 37.3 percent, Best Buy 33.2 percent, Wal-Mart 32.6 percent and Target 28.6 percent.

If online shopping is more your bag, Amazon came in at an average of 24.7 percent savings. The e-tailer has been running deals for a while now, however, not limiting itself to just Friday. It also promotes super fast, 30-minute “Lightning Deals” for electronics. You can check in here to find the latest offerings.


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