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Brighter Micro-LED Apple Watch Ultra rumoured for 2024 debut

Apple is again rumoured to have plans to release a Micro-LED Apple Watch Ultra as soon as 2024, although 2025 is also possible.

Apple Watch Ultra on the app screen


Apple is again rumoured to have plans to launch a new Micro-LED Apple Watch Ultra, this time as soon as 2024.

While the current Apple smartwatch lineup makes use of OLED displays, it's thought that a switch to Micro-LED is in the cards. The rest of the Apple product lineup is also expected to make the switch eventually, but it's thought that the Apple Watch Ultra could be the first to do so.

Now, a paywalled DigiTimes report picked up by MacRumors claims that Apple has been working on its own Micro-LED technology ever since it picked up the California-based LuxVue back in 2014.

However, the complexity of building Micro-LED displays is thought to have pushed Apple towards starting out with a smaller one rather than going straight into manufacturing displays for iPhones, iPads, or even Macs. And the Apple Watch Ultra looks set to be the guinea pig.

The report claims that the first Micro-LED display will be used in an Apple Watch Ultra in either 2024 or 2025, with the new technology allowing Apple to produce a wearable that is even brighter than the current model. That will make it particularly readable when outside and in direct sunlight, something that has historically been an issue for traditional display technologies.

Rumours of a Micro-LED Apple Watch Ultra aren't new, of course. Display analyst Ross Young had previously pointed to a 2025 release window, while Analyst Jeff Pu believes that 2024 is the likely release timeframe.

Pu also offered some other information about the device. According to him, the 2024 Apple Watch Ultra will see the size of its display boosted from the current 1.92 inches to 2.1 inches as part of the switch to Micro-LED technology.