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Kako promijeniti jezik sistem na cijelom Windows 10 PC

Windows 10 uses a default language configuration for the entire system, which typically is specified during the setup process. kako god, it doesn't mean that you have to be stuck with a particular language when your requirements are different. Using the Settings app and Control Panel, vi…

How to open the Device Manager in Windows 10

Device Manager is a powerful administrative Windows tool to manage all connected devices. Microsoft uses the term devices for any hardware that is connected to the PC, from the motherboard and video card to external hard drives, the computer mouse, or monitors. The Device Manager gives

Fix: Cannot Change Screen Resolution In Windows 10

  Changing the screen resolution in Windows 10 is extremely easy. Right-click on an empty spot on the desktop, click Display settings to open display settings section in the Settings app, and then select a screen resolution under the Resolution section to apply the new resolution.

How to manage Windows 10 optional features

  The Windows operating system offers several additional features that mosy of us may not need. But they are there if you need them! In this post, we will see how to Turn Windows features On or Off via the Control Panel, and how to add,

Windows 10 Settings Search not working

RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and improve system performanceThe Settings app in Windows 10 offers you a search bar that let you quickly search for any setting. But some users have reported that the Windows 10 Settings Search Bar is not working, with the

How Do I Mount a Drive in Windows?

How Do I Mount a Drive in Windows? Posted June 6, 2016 by Leomar Umpad in Windows You can mount a drive in Windows so that you can map a certain drive’s available space to another drive. In simplest terms, this means that you can utilize

Windows 10 Limited Periodic Scanning explained

Limited Periodic Scanning is a new feature of Windows 10's Anniversary Update edition that configures Windows Defender to scan the system in intervals even if other antivirus solutions are used primarily. The main idea behind the feature is to improve system security by using Windows Defender

How To Create A Guest User Account In Windows 10

By Paul Morris | March 26th, 2016 It’s definitely a positive that Microsoft is continuing to push out update after update for Windows 10, but with the latest version, some users may have realized that a commonly used feature is now missing for one reason or

3 Methods to disable automatic updates in Windows 10

Microsoft has set its newest operating system Windows 10 to automatically receive updates by default. kako god, these updates eat a large chunk of data from your limited data plan. Below are three methods that you can follow to disable/turn off automatic updates in Windows 10. Let’s

Wox: Windows bacač sa Everything podršku

Wox is a plugin-powered launcher for Windows that supports file and web searching, and other operations, that you can all access with a tap on the program's hotkey. Its core functionality is similar to what other file launchers such as Launchy offer on Windows. You bring

If you don’t want Windows 10, do this!

Reports are coming in by users from around the world on sites like Reddit that machines running Windows 7 ili Windows 8 have been updated -- once again -- to Windows 10 automatically. They report that the update was automated, and that they did not receive

How to Install Interworx on CentOS 7

InterWorx is a hosting control panel purely based on Linux. It relies on the RPM package system for distribution of InterWorx itself, as well as for handling various software packages for web hosting platforms. stoga, It strongly recommends to have an RPM-compatible Linux distribution for installation.