BT Halo 3+ broadband service combines fibre and mobile internet to ensure you never lose connection

BT and EE have announced a joint broadband package that is designed to ensure you get a good internet performance no matter what.

BT Halo 3+ utilises a new Hybrid Connect device that pairs with a Smart Hub 2 router for a fibre broadband connection, yet also includes an EE 4G sim for mobile broadband as a backup.

In addition, a Halo 3+ customer gets BT’s Complete Wi-Fi for consistent wireless connectivity in every room of their home.

The Hybrid Connect device pairs with the Complete Wi-Fi solution, so even if the fibre connection is down, users can still benefit from wireless internet.

Those signing up for a Halo 3+ package will get the Hybrid Connect device, a Smart Hub 2 router, Complete Wi-Fi, a Full Fibre plan upgrade at no extra cost, plus access to BT’s Home Tech Experts.

BT has also added a price promise – it won’t raise prices until at least the end of the contract. And, you’ll also get any other benefits from BT Mobile and EE available at the time.

“The past 12 months have reminded us all of the importance of fast, and crucially, reliable broadband as we’ve taken to work, educate and entertain ourselves at home. In its truest sense, convergence is about the coming together of fixed and mobile networks in a seamless way for the consumer,” said the principle analyst of Assembly Research, Matthew Howett.

“The Hybrid Connect device is a great first step in the delivery of that vision, and works to reinforce the always-on promise, at a time when households need uninterrupted connectivity more than ever.”

BT Halo 3+ will be available in the UK from 5 February 2021, priced at £65.99 per month for new customers. Existing customers should contact BT to find out the best prices for them.

Hybrid Connect can also be provided as an add-on for new and existing customers, priced at £7 per month. Complete Wi-Fi can also be added at £10 per month.

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