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BTS Pro review: Bluetooth headphones let you tweak the sound with an app

Wired headphones: It seems like we just can’t shake them, even though they’re often harbingers of misery. They’re cheap and typically reliable, but the wires tangle or get snagged, ripping the headphones right off of our ears. But now Apple’s nudging us toward a wireless future, even though its own AirPods are delayed until who knows when. In the meantime, we can’t blame you for weighing your options.

One solid offering is the just-announced BTS Pro from 66 Audio. I’ve been using a review unit for about a week, and it’s been quite delightful. The BTS Pro is the more refined sibling to the BTS Sport, promising even better audio and connectivity. They’re on the pricey side, though, at $130.

App-tastic controls

One strength of the BTS Pro is the companion Motion Control app for iPhone and Apple Watch, which lets you tweak how the audio sounds. Pairing the headphones went smoothly, and then I was able to use the app to customize the output.

bts pro app iphone
The Motion Control app lets you find your headphones and customize the sound.

The app also has a brief tutorial on what each of the headphones’ buttons does. By using the buttons to advance through songs, pause, adjust the volume, and take a call, you’re freed from having to use your phone’s controls while you’re out for a run, walk, or maybe even just vacuuming the house. You can even double tap the centered, main button to get Siri if you need the answer to a burning question.

Another practical feature is the app’s ability to pinpoint where your headphones are if you’ve misplaced them. It’ll make you want this capability for your keys and sunglasses next.

The company boasts impressive range for these Bluetooth 4.2 headphones, claiming you can keep a connection up to 100 feet away. I was able to leave my iPhone on the third floor of my house and still play music on the headphones on the first floor—not bad.

Sturdy and (mostly) sweat proof

The headset, available in “electric green” or “lava orange,” fits snugly around your ears with the main handle hanging around the back of your head. While the company describes this as “sweatproof,” I did find it to get a little loose around the ears when I took it for a couple of runs.

bts pro headphones Derek Walter
The BTS Pro headphones come with a convenient carrying case.

However, I found the headset to be very comfortable and snug, and it provides a great audio experience. If you’re new to Bluetooth headphones, you’ll find the lack of wires liberating.

According to 66 Audio, you get 40 hours of playback on a charge, which comes courtesy of a USB-C connection. In my testing, I reached 42 hours and still had a few percentage points left—you can check the battery’s status in the app. The BTS Pro don’t come with an AC adapter, but you do get a USB-C to USB-A cable for charging.

Smooth sound

Even without tweaking the sound in the app, I was impressed with the sound performance of the BTS Pro. When listening to songs I’d heard hundreds of times, I was able to hear different instruments and sounds for the first time. The bass is deep, and the headphones get plenty loud—I found a medium volume setting to be just about right for most conditions. 66 Audio says the headphones can produce sounds in the range from 20hz to 20khz, which is the high and low end as to what the human ear can hear.

66 audio app sounds
The 66 Audio app lets you tweak the sounds and map out the controls for the hardware buttons.

I had more difficulty with calls, however. A couple of times the person on the other end of the line said it sounded like I was in an echo chamber during the conversation. Hanging up and calling back seemed to fix that.

Bottom line

With a comfortable fit, good sound, and impressive range, I was pleased with the BTS Pro. Call quality could be better, but if you mostly use your headphones for listening to music, that may not matter so much. Being able to find the headphones with the app is a great feature for anyone prone to misplacing things.


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