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This Linux Malware Targets Unsecure Raspberry Pi Devices

Brief: Some Raspberry Pi devices are susceptible to a malware that enslaves the devices to mine cryptocurrency. If you are running a Raspberry Pi device with the default login credential, you are at risk. A Linux malware, Linux.MulDrop.14, that infects Raspberry Pi devices has been detected.

Com gravar Whatsapp trucades amb dispositius Android / iPhone

Whatsapp no ​​necessita presentació, ¿No és així? Tothom ho utilitzen per xatejar amb amics / família. avui en dia, la gent fa servir WhatsApp diàriament per al voltant d'almenys 4-5 hores. El nombre és alt en els joves. WhatsApp Messenger és principalment per xatejar amb amics / família, mentre, some people use Whatsapp for their Business

Apple iOS 10.2.1 protects users from Weeping Angel

  Security community says Vault 7 content is "no surprise", but reckless Most iOS devices are protected against the CIA's alleged Weeping Angel attacks revealed by WikiLeaks last night, Apple has claimed. In a statement sent to IT Pro, the Cupertino company said: "The technology built

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on iPhone

  With the latest trend in online security requirements, having a password is not enough to keep your iPhone account safe. If an unauthorized person obtains your password, you need another layer of security, specifically two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication will ensure that your Apple account is

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