‘Call Of Duty: WWII’ Teaser Leak Details Campaign Characters & Reveals Weapon Info

Call Of Duty: WWII was revealed earlier this week, but we’ve got additional details to share. Thanks to a leak from the game’s official viral teaser site, we know a lot more about the single-player mode’s characters and weapons.

The leak was brought to light by the Call Of Duty experts at CharlieINTEL. A close analysis of a European promotional poster for the game revealed the pictured soldier had lettering inside his helmet that read “QKEQW.” Entering that code into the classified cipher reveals the images in the slideshow below.


The documents essentially make up dossiers for the campaigns four main characters: Daniels, Zussman, Rousseau and Crowley. Here’s what we’ve learned about each party member.

Edgar Crowley

Rank: Major/Special Operations Executive
Weapon: STEN SMG
Other: He has ties to France and the Mediterranean theater.

Ronald “Red” Daniels (Played By Jonathan Tucker)

Rank: Private/First Infantry Division
Weapon: M1 Garand
Other: Born in Longview, Texas, and recently engaged. His father was also a known military hero. He’s eager to please and believes strongly in the brotherhood established by his combat friendships.


Rank: Leader of the Maqui/French Resistance
Other: A female French spy with with close ties to a male presumed to be her partner. It’s unclear if the context is romantic or business-related. She has what appears to be a fake German ID under the name Gerda Schneider.

Robert Zussman

Rank: Private/First Infantry Division
Weapon: M1A1 Carbine
Other: Born in Eastern Europe and raised in Chicago’s South Side. He’s the best friend of Daniels. Zussman is a quick thinker, but he’s also known for having attitude problems with high-ranking officers. He’s got a girlfriend back home named Susie.

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Many of these characters were mentioned briefly during the Call Of Duty: WWII reveal stream, but these leaks offer a bit more context for some of the protagonists featured during the campaign. One cast member not discussed here, however, is Josh Duhamel’s hard-nosed army veteran, Sgt. William Pierson. We’ll likely see more of him in the future.

These “classified” Call Of Duty: WWII teases are the second to surface since the game’s initial reveal. Just one day after the showcase, players also found a code in the game’s Zombies teaser with ties to Operation Barbarossa and a stolen painting of Raphael. Our friends at International Business Times have more details about that.

The Call Of Duty: WWII campaign takes place during 1944 - 45 and is set entirely in the European theater. Framed around a tale of cooperation and brotherhood, players will be able to take part in the war’s biggest moments, like D-Day and The Battle Of The Bulge.

Call Of Duty: WWII releases Nov. 3 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

What do you think of these leaked character and weapon details? Are you excited for the Call Of Duty: WWII campaign? Tell us in the comments section!


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