Call of Duty Mobile throws anniversary party with new weapons, maps and a nightclub

Call of Duty Mobile is now a year old. Having shaken up the mobile gaming market with its brand of fast-paced multiplayer and a capable battle royale option, the game has sat in the top spots on Android and iPhone for much of the past year. It's had over 300 million downloads.

To celebrate the anniversary, there's a bumper season lined up. As a little celebration piece there's a venue called The Club. You can head into the club just for a bit of fun, grab a drink or play with the Anniversary Machine that can win you special awards.

You'll be able to earn coins for the Anniversary Machine just by playing and completing tasks or playing mini games. There is, for example an arcade within The Club, where you can play some vintage arcade games. Yes, in-game games.

Outside of the frivolity, there's a new map for battle royale, based on Alcatraz. This was a Black Ops 4 map and you'll be able to fight across the prison island.

There are also new weapons and scorestreaks to be unlocked through the Battle Pass, as well as some changes in multiplayer. The Halloween Standoff map returns - which was last available when the game first launched - as well as 10 v 10 playback making a return, which we're really happy about, because it's a blast.

A new map, King, joins the options for 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 gameplay, where we've seen the likes of Pine before.

Finally there's Cranked, which is pretty fun and was previously seen in Call of Duty Ghosts. In Cranked, once you make a kill, you have a timer running to make the next kill otherwise you explode. Simply huh? Just make sure you keep up the death rate or you'll be the one that dies.

Finally, later in the season there will be the Tactician Perk introduced. This will let you carry a second grenade, but you'll have to complete the Heavy Duty challenge to earn it.

The new season update is available now, so dive in and enjoy the party.

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