Can you use an Apple Watch with your Android phone?

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Can you use your Apple Watch with your Android phone

Can you pair your Apple Watch with your Android phone? I mean, a smartwatch is a smartwatch… right?

The Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches on the market. It might even be the best. With some of the poor choices for Android users, folks might start to wonder if an Apple Watch is the way to go, but would that even work?

The Apple Watch Series 3 has standalone LTE — now can I use it with my Android phone?

The answer is still no. You can’t use it with your Android phone, but you can use it as an accessory. You won’t be able to use any of the calling features, nor will you be able to use any of the LTE functionality, since the setup and pairing process must occur with an iPhone. So if you’re really set on an Apple Watch, even though you’re an Android user, then go with an older, cheaper model.

You don’t get a tiny SIM card to put in the Apple Watch; it’s already built into the chip, and when you pair it with an iPhone, that iPhone’s SIM information essentially gets copied to the Apple Watch’s chip. So if you were to pair it with a friend’s iPhone, you’d be getting their calls.

Can Apple Watch pair with Android?

No. No it cannot. Apple Watch relies on the content and information on an iPhone and for the connection to work, both ends need to be made by Apple. Apple encrypts much of the information shared between iPhone and Apple Watch, so it ends up being more than just a simple Bluetooth pairing.

Android smartwatches have a similar relationship to Android phones in the way that Bluetooth speakers have a relationship with all phones (though, of course, it’s not that rudimentary), while Apple Watch and iPhone have a more complex relationship.

What are an Android user’s smartwatch options?

It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re just looking for a fitness tracker and something that notifies you of texts and calls, then you may want to consider a Fitbit. If you’re looking for something more robust that lets you respond to emails and texts, perhaps includes Google Assistant, and more, then you’ll want an Android Wear or Samsung smartwatch.

Will Apple Watch ever work with Android?

There has been a lot of speculation and commentary, and truthfully, if Apple wants to keep up with the growing popularity of Android, it just might have to make that connection. It’s somewhat unlikely, given the whole Apple security thing, but it would be prudent of Apple, since it would likely steal a lot of users away from competition like LG and Samsung.

How about you?

Are you an Android user longing for a smartwatch experience like watchOS or are you an Apple Watch user wishing an Android phone was on the other end of that connection? Sound off in the comments below.

Updated September 2017: Updated to address the Apple Watch Series 3 and its LTE connectivity.