Can’t sign into Gmail Account? Try Google account recovery!

Gmail is one of the popular free email service providers. If you encounter the issue where you can’t sign into Gmail Account, then please read through this article for the cases and resolutions. Since the Gmail account is the same as your generic Google account, the issue could also be useful in you can’t sign into Google Account.

Can’t sign into Gmail Account

Can’t sign into Gmail Account

Since the causes could be different, we have discussed each case with the resolution. Thus, try the following solutions sequentially to resolve the issue in discussion:

  1. Did you forget your password
  2. Did you forget the username itself
  3. Try account recovery
  4. Make sure your account isn’t suspended or disabled
  5. Clear browser cache and cookies
  6. Change the browser
  7. The issue is with 2-factor authentication
  8. You are under 13 years of age
  9. You are using VPN

Google or Gmail Recovery Tool

We will make use of the Google or Gmail Recovery Tool available at

1] Did you forget your password

If you are trying to log in to your Gmail account and the specific error message is that the password is incorrect, then it is quite possible that you have forgotten your Gmail password. In this case, you can use the Gmail recovery tool. You will get a verification code at your registered phone number or alternate email ID.

2] Did you forget the username itself

In case you forgot the username, then it could be an even more difficult problem. In this case, if you remember the associated phone number or alternate email ID, then try the username recovery tool at You will also need the full name associated with that account.

If you do not remember these credentials either, then you would have to ask a person to whom you remember sending an email in the past and ask him/her to check the senders email address.

3] Try account recovery

If you are sure that you remember the username and password correctly and still are unable to log in, then try account recovery. But before that, be very sure that you are entering the right credentials. You can recover your account through the Gmail Recovery Tool whose link has been given above.

4] Make sure your account isn’t suspended or disabled

If you are entering the username and password correctly and are still not able to log in, then check the message you get on the page. If it reads that your account has been suspended or disabled, then you have two options. The first option is to click on Request Review. The second option is to fill out the request form from

5] Check if cookies are turned OFF

If cookies are turned OFF on your browser, Gmail might not work properly. In this case, you can consider enabling cookies on your favorite browser. Once cookies are enabled for both the Google and Gmail website, it should work smoothly.

5] Clear browser cache and cookies

If the cache and cookie files associated with Gmail and Google are corrupt, then the website associated with these files will also face problems. In this case, it will be a wise idea to delete these cache and cookie files. Don’t worry, they will rebuild themselves once you reopen the website.

6] Change the browser

If you have figured out that the problem is with the browser, then changing the browser will help isolate the cause. It can also serve as a useful workaround to temporarily fix the problem. However, if changing the browser doesn’t help either, the real issue has nothing to do with the browser itself.

7] Issue is with 2-factor authentication

If your account uses 2-factor authentication, you will have to approve the same through a text message code to the registered phone number or the authenticator app. Now the thing is that most Android phones come pre-installed with the authenticator app. This means that you will not get an SMS, but it will prompt on your phone directly. So, you can approve accordingly.

8] You are under 13 years of age

Google allows users of age under 13 or as applicable per regional laws to use their services but only with family supervision. This is activated through the Family link. If you are trying to use Gmail against Google’s policies, it might not let you in.

9] You are using VPN

If you are using a VPN to log in to Google and the location has been chosen as a far-off destination, Google will not allow you to log in to Gmail. This is because it will assume that a cyber-criminal is trying to intrude into your account. Simply speaking, one person cannot change locations so soon.

One last case is if you are trying to log in to Gmail through third-party services like Microsoft Outlook. This is a vast topic for discussion and requires application-specific troubleshooting.

Is Gmail down today?

If the Gmail or Google server is down, no matter what you try, you will neither be able to login to Gmail nor use its services if you were already logged in. In this case, it is important to check the status of the Gmail server, which can be done using online website monitor tools.

Why is Gmail not accepting my password?

The common reason Gmail isn’t accepting your password is that the CAPS Lock might be turned ON. While checking this, you can click on the eye-like symbol corresponding to the password field. This will show the password and then you can easily enter it correctly.

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