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Casio’s new G-Shock watch lets you swap out its bezels and straps with ease


Casio has shown off some details of its latest G-Shock release, the catchily-named DWE-5600CC, which is just the latest in the long-running 5600 series of shock-proof watches.

This is the first ever G-Shock watch to allow you to change our its bezels and straps whenever and however you like, though, setting it apart from the models that have come before.

The watch comes with three strap options and a couple of bezels, which you can easily slip on and off – the bezels are held in place by four carbon fibre hooks in an entirely new system, compared to previous screwed-on versions.

Meanwhile the case of the watch itself has had a new form of reinforcement added to give it even futher shock-proofing, long the hallmark of Casio’s models.

The three strap options let you swap the watch between a couple of circuit-board themed looks, and its more classic matte black appearance, depending on what you’re using it for or how your mood strikes you. The black and green components are made with resin, while the grey strap option is a fabric version.

Pricing and a precise date for the watch’s release aren’t yet public, but we’d expect it to be pretty soon. This is a more traditional release compared to some of Casio’s recent watches, which have included limited edition G-Shocks themed around animes Dragon Ball Z and One Piece, among others.

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