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‘Castle Creeps TD’ Guide: A Walkthrough Of Tips, Strategies & Cheats To Get Gems & 3-Star Chapters

Castle Creeps TD is a new mobile game from Outplay. This beginner’s guide offers tips, strategies and cheats to get maximum gems and 3-star victories in every chapter. Here’s a walkthrough of the basics every player must know.

Castle Creeps TD Guide: How To Use Your Towers

As a tower defense game, Castle Creeps TD is all about the towers players use to defend against different waves of enemies. Towers can be upgraded as you progress through the campaign, but their basic strengths and weaknesses stay the same.

Bow Tower: The Bow Tower has a fast attack speed and is weak against physical armor. It’s strong against magic armor.

Infantry Tower: Focused on ground units, the Infantry Tower deploys a swarm of dwarves to each map. It’s strong against magic armor and weak against physical.

Cannon Tower: Focused on ground units. It has slow attack speed but is strong against enemy swarms and fortified armor.

Magic Tower: Hits ground and air troops with medium attack speed. They’re strong against physical armor and weak against magic.

Knowing how these towers work together is essential to understanding Castle Creeps TD. As you can see, their strengths and weaknesses sort of balance each other out. It’s just a matter of choosing the right combination of these four against the enemies that are ahead.

Which Enemies Are Strongest In Castle Creeps TD?

castle creeps td enemy oc gameplay how to upgrade tips strategies heroes how to three star walkthrough tips guide what enemies are weakest ios android ‘Castle Creeps TD’ is full of weird enemies, but they all have strengths and weaknesses. This Orc has heavy armor. Use a Magic Tower to beat it.

Speaking of enemies, we’ll also offer a brief walkthrough of the foes you’ll most often encounter in the early campaign.
Gobin: Unarmored and vulnerable to all towers. It’s your standard grunt.
Orc Raider: Has heavy armor that can be countered with a Magic Tower.
Wargs: Wargs are weak to Cannon Towers and travel in packs.
Orc Berserker: This guy is supposedly weak to everything, but he’s a bullet sponge. That makes him difficult to take down. He’s slow, so Cannons are pretty effective here as well as Infantry.

How Do I Play And Win Matches?

The gist of Castle Creeps TD is explained in the tutorial, but towers are dropped by tapping on empty structures and selecting the icon that corresponds to each type of tower. Building towers requires Elixir. Build as many as you can with your allotted amount, then hit the skull icon to begin an attack.

castle creeps td gameplay walkthrough apk chapter 5 walkthrough hack guide tips strategies how to 3 star ‘Castle Creeps TD’ is a fairly ordinary tower defense game, but some of its finer mechanics are tough to master. Build towers and recycle them to get 3 stars.

What makes this game unique, however, is that you can erect and sell towers at will based on what’s ahead. Remember the enemy weaknesses above and adapt your strategy to what’s on screen. Selling towers essentially recycles your Elixir to build something else. If lots of Wargs are coming, for example, swap your Magic Tower out for a Cannon Tower. Typically about 20 enemies can hit your base before the game is over.

How Do I Upgrade Towers?

Upon completing matches you’ll be given a stock of supplies that can be used to upgrade your towers or heroes. The names themselves are somewhat meaningless, but upgrades are always worth checking out in general. The early campaign will auto-upgrade some towers for you.

castle creeps td Tower upgrades how to upgrade walkthrough gameplay guide ios android apk how to get gems cavern clash hack walkthrough Upgrading towers is essential to ‘Castle Creeps TD.’ Be sure to visit Rena to get the best buffs for your standard structures.

Beyond that, you need to go see Rena at her tower upgrades shop. The shop is symbolized by the tower icon on the map screen. Simply tap each tower tree to see what can be upgraded. If the resources are available, you can do it for free.

In terms of strategy and tips, we’d recommend almost hoarding your resources to improve the base stats of your level 2 and level 3 towers. Augmenting the stats of a level 1 won’t do you any good. Buff your level 2s intermittently, but keep saving up so you can get to level 3 as soon as possible.

How Do I Unlock And Upgrade Heroes?

castle creeps td quests how to unlock heroes guide walkthrough upgrade how to 3 star ios android apk cavern clash how to get gems how to get keys Quests are essential to getting keys that upgrade heroes. Be sure to check your quest log often to claim rewards.

Heroes are essentially like a free tower in Castle Creeps TD. There are three that we’ve been able to use.

Lance: He’s unlocked at the start and is your basic melee bruiser with heavy armor. He’s a good all-around choice, which makes him suited for beginners.

Stonelord: He’s a healer, so the best strategy is to keep him in the thick of the action as much as possible.

Eris: Has an overwhelming amount of power for end-game levels, but needs to be stuck behind walls of Infantry Towers to make sure she stays alive.

Subsequent heroes unlock at Chapter 3 and Chapter 6.

To upgrade your hero, you must get resources from winning and collect keys by completing quests. Quests are accessed via the scroll icon on the map screen. See which ones you’ve accomplished and hit claim as soon as you can.

Once you open chests with your keys, hit the shield icon on the map screen to upgrade your hero. You can upgrade individual equipment, and level them up once enough of that has been done. We’d suggest working on hero upgrades as soon as you get them. This means getting new powers and abilities that can help you quickly.

How Do I Get Gems For The Sentinel?

The Sentinel is a massive electric shock tower that should only be used if absolutely necessary. It has a very slow cooldown timer that can be recharged using gems. Make sure your charges never run low in case you need to face a boss on some of the later levels.

The best way to get gems is to simply complete matches with two or three stars and see what loot drops await you. It’s also worth pointing out that you get a free daily chest. Gems are in there too. You can buy gems at the shop, but why waste money on a free game?

Tips & Guides To 3-Star Levels

It’d be a bit laborious to map out each individual level, so, instead, here are some strategies to help you make the most of the game.

– Replay levels: If you can’t 3-star a level on the first try, remember you can always return to it with more heroes and upgrades at a later date. We’re pretty sure some levels are impossible to ace without multiple plays.

– Infantry Towers should be grouped near Magic or Bow towers for maximum impact. Also, don’t forget you can change the rally point of your Dwarves by hitting the flag icon on an Infantry Tower. Put forces where they’re most needed.

– Hero powers have an area of effect, so be sure you’re hitting the trigger when the time is right for heal or attack.

– If you must, remember the small icons on the bottom right in battle for Elixir donations and reinforcements. Reinforcements essentially act as an additional hero, and Elixir lets you build more towers.

– Don’t ever forget your daily free chest. Notifications can let you know when it’s ready.

Castle Creeps TD is available now for Android and iOS.
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