Kaspersky files Antitrust complaint against Microsoft in Europe over Windows Defender

  Russian multinational anti-virus company, Kaspersky has filed antitrust complaints against Microsoft in Europe alleging that the Software giant is using its dominance in the OS market to promote its own security software, Windows Defender at the expense of users. Filing complaints with European Commission and German Federal Cartel Office, Kaspersky said that Microsoft has deliberately created “hurdles” that limit consumer choice in choosing the security software of their choice. “We see clearly – and are ready to prove – that Microsoft uses its dominant position in the computer operating system (OS) market to fiercely promote its own – inferior – security software (Windows Defender) at the expense of users’ … Read more

Clear Linux OS now available in Azure Marketplace

  Microsoft today announced the much-awaited availability of Clear Linux OS for Intel Architecture in the Azure Marketplace. Clear Linux OS is a free and open source Linux distribution software built from the ground up for cloud and data center environments and built to complement the performance and value of Intel architecture. Clear Linux OS With the announcement, Azure becomes the first public cloud service to host Clear Linux OS. Microsoft currently supports a number of Linux distributions on Azure, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, Oracle Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise, and openSUSE. Azure is also launching these additional features with the Linux implementation. An improved VM, intended to … Read more

Windows 10 Game Mode and Drivers: what we know so far

Microsoft will introduce a truckload of new features in the Creators Update for Windows 10, including the new Game Mode feature and one where drivers may get installed automatically when certain Store games are downloaded and installed on a device running Windows 10. While I’m not playing that many games anymore, I’m still a gamer at heart and interested in new gaming related features. This article describes what we know so far, asks questions, and points out potential issues that these two new features may introduce. Lets start with Game Mode. Game Mode Game Mode was first discovered in the end of December 2016. The reveal offered no information on … Read more

What’s New in BitLocker Disk Encryption on Windows 10

BitLocker Drive Encryption is a full disk encryption feature introduced by Microsoft first in Windows Vista but further developed in Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10 with enhanced features. It’s designed to protect data by providing encryption for entire disk volumes, with default in AES encryption algorithm with 128-bit or 256-bit key. While the basic functions and usage remain the same through different versions, there are quite a few new improvements that make BitLocker on Windows 10 a more secure way to protect no only the whole system but the disks attached to it. First of all, BitLocker in Windows 10 has been made to run less aggressive for its … Read more

Microsoft confirmed to replace out of warranty Surface Pro 4 with touch screen issues

We reported in November that a firmware update in July this year appeared to have rendered some Surface Pro 4 touchscreens effectively inoperable and that it appears Microsoft could be convinced to replace affected devices if you are out of warranty. Symptoms included: All of the keyboard/pad functions are working including zoom, scroll etc. but no screen-touch or pen response (pen button clicks still open pre-chosen programmes as they should) After being shut down will only start up with long hold on power switch. It now takes ages to restart (used to start in a few dreamy seconds). Begins with completely black screen for about 20 seconds and no visible … Read more

Your Windows 10 Pro License Has Not Expired and Microsoft is Working on a Fix (Updated)

Don’t worry, your Windows 10 Pro license has not expired. There is a known issue with Microsoft Activation servers and the company is working on a fix. Microsoft activation servers suffered from a bug today that caused many users to see a message that their Windows 10 Pro license is no longer good, and they need to downgrade to Windows 10 Home. But don’t panic, your license is still good. Microsoft is aware of the issue and is currently working on a fix. Update 11/9/2018: This issue has been resolved. Near the end of the day yesterday, users were reporting the activation issue had been resolved. The user shouldn’t need … Read more

Microsoft is Another Step Closer to Re-Releasing Windows 10 1809

Microsoft is another step closer to the re-release of Windows 10 October 2018 Update (version 1809) with the new build 17763.107 for Insiders. Microsoft today is another step closer to re-releasing Windows 10 version 1809 aka “October 2018 Update” with another cumulative update for Windows Insiders. Today the company is rolling out KB446445 which contains a couple more fixes – one of which was another data deletion bug. Today’s build contains all of the fixes contained in build 17763.104, as well as two other issues that Insiders have reported. Windows 10 Build 17763.107 Today’s update – KB4464455 – is being released to Insiders in the Slow and Release Preview rings … Read more

Microsoft Whiteboard Launches for Education Customers With Cool New Features

Microsoft is today bringing its Whiteboard app to its Education customers. The company is launching a preview for Whiteboard for Edu, which is mostly focused at schools and students. The point of the service is to allow students to collaborate with each other and help teacher brainstorm with all the students in real-time. Whiteboard for Education is actually much more than that, though. The app actually has more features than the regular version of Whiteboard. It lets you send your whiteboards directly to OneDrive and attach it within your OneNote Notebook, for example. The app even lets you change the background of the Whiteboard to reduce eye strain — you … Read more

How to unlock Sea of Thieves’ The Huntress Figurehead

  Sea of Thieves is one of Microsoft’s big exclusive titles, and although it didn’t get a lot of praise from critics an gamers alike, it went on to achieve relative success. Now, since it’s a video game that is always online, Microsoft is making sure to improve it on a regular basis. The game hit the scene with not enough content and only a few different enemies to attack. Everywhere it’s just the same skeleton soldiers trying to chop you up, while others attempt to shoot you down. It was indeed a bore after the honeymoon period, but the developer, Rare, made sure to improve the title through several … Read more

Windows 10 – How to hide updates

  With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a number of changes into the Windows Update functionality. Mandatory updates for home users plus reboots (which you can work around), cumulative updates that should save space over time, while also reducing management flexibility, and also, no visible way to hide specific updates. Such a move makes (some) sense for “ordinary” users, but it does not make any sense for advanced users who want to control what they install, specifically drivers but also certain other components. Well, in this guide, I will show you a simple, non-intrusive and official way of handling updates, so you can hide them just like … Read more

The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review: More Than A Color

Microsoft is in a bit of a unique place in the PC space compared to other manufacturers. Other than Apple, Microsoft is the only company that controls both the hardware and software sides, and when the Surface lineup launched way back in 2012, Microsoft’s goal was to showcase the advantages of their platform with a premium hardware lineup. On October 2nd 2018, the company unveiled their sixth iteration of what is now a staple in the PC space, the Surface Pro 6. On the outside, it would be easy to write this refresh off as a spec bump, but there are tangible improvements throughout the Surface Pro which make this … Read more

Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 10 19H1 Insider Preview Build 18252

Microsoft today announced Windows 10 Insider preview build 18252 for Insiders in the Fast and Skip Ahead rings. While Microsoft is busy introducing new Surface devices and the rollout of Windows 10 1809, the company continues to move forward for users in the Insider program. The company today announced the release of Windows 10 19H1 build 18252 for Insiders in the Fast and Skip Ahead rings. In fact, starting today, “Insiders in the Fast ring and in Skip Ahead will receive the same 19H1 Insider Preview builds at the same time.” Here is a look at what’s new in today’s latest Insider build. Windows 10 Preview Build 18252 New Enhances … Read more