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10 Platforms to Build a Chatbot for Your Business

Chatbots are conversational applications that can be integrated into messaging platforms to perform automated tasks, such as collecting information from customers or helping shoppers find the right products. Chatbots don’t require users to install additional apps. And they are relatively simple and inexpensive to build. Here is a list of platforms to help build a chatbot for your business. Some of these platforms have basic drag-and-drop builds, while others require basic coding. All of the platforms have free plans. Platforms to Build Chatbots Chatfuel. Chatfuel is a platform to create bots for Facebook or Telegram. Set up conversational rules without having to code. Your bot will recognize similar phrases, and… Read More »

The Big Gaming Peripheral Guide

  From mice and keyboards to headsets and more, we look at some performance peripherals that have caught our eye… For as long as it’s been possible, people have used computers for more than just serious work. Sure, plenty of users learned to code on Spectrums and Commodore 64s, but it’s a safe bet that many people just used them to play Pac-Man or Paperboy. And as these games became more sophisticated and gamers began to demand better graphics and sound, more powerful hardware was needed. Thus gaming became one of the key forces driving progress in computer hardware. There are, of course, loads of other reasons to own a… Read More »