How to Install and Configure Odoo with mod_wsgi

  In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Odoo 10 on an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS with Apache2 and mod_wsgi which is an Apache module that implements a WSGI compliant interface for hosting Python based web applications such as Odoo on top of the Apache web server. There are multiple ways to install Odoo, but in this tutorial, we will install the latest Odoo 10 from the source using a python virtual environment. This guide should work on other Linux VPS systems as well but was tested and written for an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS. Update the system and install necessary packages sudo apt update apt -y upgrade sudo … Read more

How to Make High Power Keywords with Wikipedia

The Power of Wikipedia for Keyword Research The world’s biggest online information repository is also a killer source of keywords. Think about it. Wikipedia is a global collaborative, multilingual, free-access, free-content Internet encyclopedia. With 30 million articles and 18 billion page views monthly, it’s probably one of the largest, yet most-overlooked, sources for keyword power. Wikipedia probably has an entry — and maybe dozens of them — that deals in your niche with your keywords. This is an insider’s secret for discovering some of the most valuable keywords. How to Use Wikipedia for Keyword Research To effectively use Wikipedia, you don’t need to learn any new software, buy any service … Read more

Freelan is a free open source VPN software for Windows

  Freelan is a free, open-sourced VPN software that comes with no GUI but great features and compatibility. Unlike the common VPN software out there which lets you anonymously surf the web, Freelan is bit different. It lets you abstract a LAN network over the internet and then you can use it in any way you want. You can manually configure it to surf the web anonymously, play an old LAN game with friends over the internet or the possibilities are countless. Freelan VPN Review Since the tool has no GUI, it is a bit tedious task to configure it as per your requirements. The basic instructions have been provided … Read more

How to stream audio from iPhone or iPad without AirPlay

  Here’s how you stream audio from your iPhone or iPad without AirPlay. AirPlay is a great way to beam audio from your iPhone or iPad to an Apple TV, Airport Express, or AirPlay-compatible speaker. But what about speakers, sound systems, and audio sources that aren’t AirPlay compatible? That’s where BlueTooth comes in. It’s a standard and it’s getting better all the time. Here’s how you get that set up with your iPhone or iPad. How to pair Bluetooth headphones or speakers You can pair any modern Bluetooth headset or speaker with your iPhone or iPad by following these instructions. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad. Tap Bluetooth. Put … Read more

NES Classic Mini hackers manage to add lots more games

The Nintendo NES Classic Mini was warmly welcomed by many a HEXUS reader when it was launched back in the summer. The mini retro console has been very popular and has been in short supply ever since availability (November), with people paying well over the odds for consoles via eBay, and others were simply unable to source one before Xmas 2016. As sold, the HDMI TV friendly Nintendo NES Classic Mini console offers some controller flexibility with twin controller ports that also accept controllers from the Wii/Wii U era. But for ‘authentic’ NES style play there’s a single Classic Mini controller in the box. Power supply in is via a … Read more

Firefox Developer Edition Gets Flatpak’d

Firefox Developer Edition on Ubuntu 16.10 Some great news for fans of distro-agnostic app distribution: Firefox Developer Edition is now available to install as a Flatpak! Yup, the dev-friendly flavour of the venerable open-source browser is available to install messing around with installers, RPMs or unpacking zip files to double-click on binaries tucked up inside. “It’s an unofficial build for testing purposes, not provided by Mozilla. We’d like to work with Mozilla, so that it can eventually be adopted by the Mozilla project and you can get Firefox Flatpaks directly from the source,” Red Hat Desktop Engineer Jiří Eischmann says of the work. As this is more of a proof-of-concept … Read more