How To Use New Tabs in File Explorer in Windows 10

Yes, tabs have arrived in File Explorer in Windows 10. If one of your Windows 10 computers are Skip Ahead testing the next version of Windows 10, you can have a quick taste of it and see how it works. First of all, clicking the + icon next to the tab will not open another

Windows 10 Quick Tips – Drag & Drop

  Drag And Drop Sensitivity “Drag and Drop” has been with us since the first incarnations of graphical user interfaces. They have become a necessary part of any operating system. You left-click an icon and drag it to a new location. Simple, yes? Have you ever thought about how Windows knows that you intend to

How To Change Power Button Settings In Windows 10

  With default settings, the power button on your Windows 10 device is configured to put the device into the sleep mode. The same power button can also be used to force shut down the laptop when it’s not responding by pressing and holding the power button until the laptop is turned off. But if

Check Mouse And Keyboard Battery Level In Windows 10

  Most of the Bluetooth devices come with their software to change default actions and provide information about the device’s battery status as well. For instance, I have installed Logitech SetPoint software to know the exact status and change default button actions of Performance MX mouse (MR0007), which I bought a few years ago (an

4 Free Folder Icon Color Changer Software For Windows 10

  Windows 10 supports changing individual folder icons for easy identification, but it does not allow us to change folder icon color. If you are someone who likes to set different colors to different folders for easy identification or to have a different color than the default folder color, you have no option but to

Prevent Laptop From Starting Upon Opening The Lid In Windows 10

  Most of the new laptops released in the past few years automatically start when you open the lid. For instance, my ThinkPad T450s automatically starts upon lifting the lid. The feature is helpful as you don’t need to press the power button to start the laptop. Because of this feature, you will be able

Windows 10 Quick Tips – Driver Store

  Driver Store Microsoft introduced the Driver Store in the Windows Vista version and it has been with us ever since. The Driver Store contains all Windows and third-party drivers that are trusted by Microsoft and are installed on your drive. The problem, and there always is one, isn’t there, is that old copies of

Save Desktop, Documents & Pictures To OneDrive In Windows 10

  We all often save crucial documents and pictures in Documents, Pictures and Desktop folders. All these folders are located in your system drive (where Windows 10 is installed) by default, meaning when you reinstall Windows 10 or perform a clean install of Windows 10, these folders and files in them are deleted. Because of

Windows 10 Quick Tips – SSD TRIM

  Solid State Drives Solid State Drives (SSDs) are very popular these days, and for good reason. After the first hiccups expected in any new technology, things have settled down and SSDs are now as reliable as mechanical Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). As I’m sure you all know, SSDs really shine when it comes to

How To Run The Windows 10 Laptop With Lid Closed

  Many of us connect our laptops to large external monitors for better convenience and productivity. After connecting the laptop to an external monitor, users prefer to use an external keyboard and mouse. After connecting the laptop to an external screen and input device, many of us keep the laptop lid open even while using