HTC U11 boasts best mobile camera of all time in benchmarking tests

Camera benchmarking body DxO Labs has hailed the freshly-launched HTC U11 as the best mobile snapper of all time, after extensive testing. According to the DxOMark Mobile tests, the HTC U11 beats the Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel and other premium camera phones for overall photo quality. We went hands-on with the HTC U11 ahead of its official launch this morning and already we’re fans. As you’ll see in our HTC U11 vs Galaxy S8 comparison, we reckon HTC’s latest flagship phone has enough swagger to cut it alongside premium phones from the likes of Samsung. In particular, we’re impressed by HTC’s 12-megapixel PixelSense 3 camera tech. With its digital

The Surge review

Despite its futuristic setting there’s a strange, Willie Nelson-esque song in The Surge. It’s tucked away in the OPs rooms you encounter – OPs rooms being the equivalent of Dark Souls’ bonfires. It’s a hesitant, downbeat number that starts with the line ‘I was born in a prison with no hope of escape’. I quite liked it at first, but it slowly became symbolic of my time playing The Surge; given enough repetitions it becomes dull and samey – a dispiriting inevitability couched in something that should, by rights, be thoroughly enjoyable.   Publisher: Focus Home Interactive Developer: Deck13 Platform: Reviewed on PS4 Availability: Out now on PS4, Xbox One

Beat Cop review

The Brooklyn of Beat Cop often feels like the New York that I love, re-rendered in pixel art. Brownstone buildings crowded with mom-and-pop stores; hotdog carts doing business, street dancers on the curb; cats lounging on window sills; metalheads rocking out, dudes bursting onto their balconies to perform their morning aerobics, unmoved by the thought of an audience. By midday, the streets are bustling. Suits and hippies, gangbangers and priests, everyone and anyone who might conceivably live in this time management-adventure hybrid of an ’80s cop-simulator. More than once, Beat Cop has made me pause, nostalgic for the city of my heart. Then, I pass by the little black girl

How To Install Ubuntu Budgie 17.04

This is a simple guide to install Ubuntu Budgie 17.04. Because Ubuntu Budgie is a new comer to Ubuntu family, we believe this tutorial will be needed by many beginners. This will explain installation on a laptop by first preparing blank partitions to make it safer for most beginner users. This installation will need at least 20GB of disk space. The total time needed is only 10 minutes. It’s quick and easy with gorgeous OS Ubuntu Budgie. Enjoy! Note: this article is about installing Ubuntu Budgie 17.04. If you need something else, we have the review, complete download links for all 17.04 family, and how to cut download cost with

Elitegroup introduces showcase brand new mini PC LIVA Z family series products at COMPUTEX 2017

ECS is glad to introduce a new generation of LIVA Z family, which can provide a series of all-round more diversified choice for mini PC enthusiasts. We are constantly striving for perfection all the time and in pursuit of perfection in innovation, efficiency and product design. At the same time, we spare no effort to provide the best experience for consumers with superior quality and excellent performance. A new generation of LIVA Z family series products will appear at Booth: L0318, TWTC NangGang Exhibition Hall, Upper Level Exhibition Hall Plan(4F) from May 30 to June 3. LIVA Z: Being silent and multi-functional, it is the best choice for daily home

How to play music using Bluetooth 5.0 on the Samsung Galaxy S8

It’s no secret that the Galaxy S8 is brimming with some of the most cutting-edge smartphone hardware out there but Samsung didn’t really shout about the fact that it’s the first phone in the world to support the latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard, which is kind of a big deal. Bluetooth 5.0 offers a number of benefits over the previous standard. It’s natively power efficient and secure but also boasts up to twice the speed, up to four times the range (at 128kbps or twice the range at 500kbps) and up to eight times the data throughput as Bluetooth 4.0. What’s more, in the case of the Galaxy S8 Bluetooth 5.0

139 Unbelievable Instagram Marketing Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

There’s never been a better time to ramp up your Instagram marketing efforts. The photo sharing app has blossomed into the top visual social network and has emerged as a favorite social platform for brands and marketers. Thanks to Website Builder for their sharply designed infographic below, read more on the 139 Instagram facts and statistics for businesses considering a dive into Instagram in 2017. Instagram Marketing Facts 49% of the top brands use Instagram. This is projected to increase to over 70% by the end of 2017. 50% of Instagram users follow at least one business Nike is the most followed brand on Instagram with over 68 million followers

Logitech Harmony paired with an iPhone is the ultimate universal remote

By loading the video, you agree to YouTube’s privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube If you spend a lot of time in the living room with a lot of entertainment devices, the Logitech Harmony system is a worthy investment. I once owned a universal remote that I’m pretty sure was the size of a shoebox. That’s how I remember it, anyway — a definite two-hander with a large screen (for the time) and very few physical buttons. Something like this. It was awful. Awful setup and not much better to use. But it still was better than needing to have three remotes by my side at any given

Stories Untold review

Editor’s note: Emily discusses the premise of each Stories Untold episode below. If you’d rather not spoil things for yourself, play before reading. We’re nearly two decades into the new millennium, but so much of our cultural identity is still lodged somewhere in the latter half of the 20th century – the retro synths of Kavinsky and Cliff Martinez invading Hollywood through Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive in 2011, the 16-bit carnage of Hotline Miami. Even for me, most of my memories from the first decade of the Noughties are inexorably linked to that French opiated dancefloor aesthetic which penetrated my radio during my early 20s. It’s almost as though a