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'Minecraft' Update 1.12 Brings A 'World Of Color' To Mojang's Sandbox

The long-awaited 12th post-launch patch for Minecraft is finally ready for consumption, Mojang announced on Wednesday morning, and the latest build of the ultra-popular sandbox game can be downloaded directly from the Minecraft launcher. The changes in this week’s patch aren’t as substantial as we’ve seen in previous updates; however, we suspect there will be more than a few fans among those who still see Minecraft as a creative outlet and not just a foundation for mods. Mojang may not have tweaked many of the game’s mechanical underpinnings in Minecraft Update 1.12, but the patch still manages to impact a variety of game systems. The World of Color Update delivers… Read More »

Newest ‘Sims 4’ Pets Code Marks More Than 100 Days In Rumor Mill

This may be the longest stretch of time a DLC has been rumored in The Sims 4 and EA has not confirmed it. According to the devoted souls over at Sims Community, a Pets expansion has been rumored for 115 days now. The count officially began when Pets code was found in the toddler update in January because the evidence became a bit more concrete, but Pets has been rumored for more than a year. The newest leak doesn’t tell us much, but suggests pets can walk on certain surfaces, like counters, bars, fridges, tables and beds. This time, the code comes from Twisted Mexi, who regularly blesses fans with… Read More »

‘Clash Of Clans’ Update Release Not Happening Before May 11

Clash Of Clans ’ next big update is officially on the horizon as Supercell has zeroed in on its release window. In an official forum post, the developers told fans not to expect much before May 11. This news arrives after an update to the same thread Friday morning. In that edit we learned that, unlike previous patches, this one probably won’t be revealed via video sneak peeks. This aberration from the trend compelled many fans to assume the update’s release date was as imminent as this Tuesday; however, those expectations have been kept in check thanks to this most recent estimate. In the same vein it’s added that, just… Read More »

Corebird Twitter App Update Brings a Handful of New Features

An update to desktop Linux Twitter app Corebird is available for download. Corebird 1.5 features with a modest set of improvements, including a redesigned account wizard and the ability to quickly save media attachments in tweets using right-click > “Save As”. The update also sees the app keep pace with recent Twitter API changes, so @ usernames no longer count towards the 140-character limit in replies (though usernames still count towards the limit when composing a tweet from scratch). You can also reply to multi-person tweets of up to 50 users via the reply feature: Regularly reply to someone with a meme or gif? The tweet compose window in Corebird… Read More »

NVIDIA Releases 382.05 WHQL Game Ready Driver

We’ve reached a new month, which brings new games that NVIDIA is always happy to prepare for. This week they have released another iteration for release 381 of their GeForce driver. While less feature-packed than some of the recent driver updates, with no new tech being in these updates, there is a slight slant toward SLI and multi-GPU in the round which may please SLI users. First on the list of fixes, two of those SLI issues. In No Man’s Sky with The Foundation Update 1.10 patch with SLI enabled texture corruption should be fixed, while BSODing in World of Tanks should also be fixed for SLI mode. A BSOD… Read More »

NVIDIA Releases 381.89 WHQL Driver

I wouldn’t claim NVIDIA is keeping up the pressure with their driver releases, but they are keeping a good pace releasing their second driver update this month. The beginning of this month saw the initial Release 381 driver branch published with 381.65, which added support for the GeForce GTX Titan Xp, Windows 10 Creators Update, Dolby Atmos, and DTX:X enabling up to 5.1.2 speaker setups. Now NVIDIA is back for their first point update with 381.89. The latest driver release from NVIDIA contains several small fixes, including fixes for Sniper Elite 3 crashing, a BSOD issue for notebooks running eDP panels, and a BSOD issue with the GeForce GTX 1060… Read More »