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How To Change Themes In Windows 10 Creators Update


Microsoft is regularly updating the Settings app to add options and settings available in classic Control Panel to the new Settings app. The Settings app now has more settings and options than the classic Control Panel but there are still some settings that can be accessed only by opening Control Panel.

In Anniversary Update and earlier versions of Windows 10, changing theme was not a straight-forward job. We had to first open Settings app and then navigate to Personalization > Themes. Under Themes there was a link to open the classic Personalization window where we could view all installed themes.

View and change themes in Windows 10 Creators Update

Starting with Windows 10 Creators Update build 14997, Microsoft has made it easier changing themes. You can now view all installed themes and change themes without leaving the Settings app. Yes, the Themes section of Settings app now displays all default as well as third-party themes.

change themes in Windows 10 creators update

The Themes section shows your current desktop background picture, theme name, name of the sound scheme, mouse cursor name, and number of pictures included in the current theme. A link to official Windows personalization gallery (to download official themes for Windows 10) can also be seen on the Themes page.

change theme in Windows 10 Creators update

And if you are wondering about the classic personalization window, it’s still exist but might be dropped from the final build of Windows 10 Creators Update which is expected to arrive by the end of March, 2017.

The Settings > Personalization > Themes section displays all themes you installed from Store as well as from other places.

Here is how to view installed themes and change theme in Windows 10 Creators Update.

IMPORTANT: This guide is applicable to build 14997 or later builds of Windows 10 only.

Step 1: Right-click on the empty spot on desktop. Click Personalize to open Personalization section of Settings app.

Step 2: Click Themes to view all installed themes and theme settings.

Step 3: To change the current theme, simply perform a click on a theme. Windows 10 will automatically apply the theme.

change themes in Windows 10 creators update

Hope this helps!

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