Chrome 55 Promises Big Memory Boost improvements – Optimization Features for Faster Browsing

Chrome 55 Promises Big Memory Boost improvements – Optimization Features for Faster Browsing CM Tech Oct 11, 2016 Product News

Google is working on a new version of its Internet browser.Google has spent a whereas reducing Chrome’s infamous demands on your system.

Trying to streamline the multi-platform browser’s performance further, Google is getting ready a new version of Chrome that ought to considerably lower RAM consumption. Planned for launch on December 6, Chrome 55 will see efficiency improvements predominantly if a device doesn’t have a lot of memory to start out with (similar to low-cost smartphones), and if a user runs Chrome with some tabs or other apps open on the identical time. You will nearly definitely get to try it earlier if you happen willingly to run the pre-release code. No matter you try, it’s necessary to stress that this received enhance performance throughout the board.

Chrome 55 will make use of a new JavaScript engine with a lot smaller reminiscence footprint, CNET famous. In early testing, heap reminiscence is down about 50 percent on average, while zone memory figures are roughly 40 percent lower.

Chrome 55 memory improvements

  1. The primary a part of the announcement details how Google tracked and measured out the improvements. While interesting from a technical point of view, the first couple of paragraphs provides little info on the upgrades.
  2. Considered one of biggest JavaScript improvements is reducing background memory consumption. The Chrome browser pre-loads websites in the background, however usually don’t launch the memory it makes use of to take action as soon as the loading is full.
  3. Utilizing a reminiscence visualization instrument, programmers working on the V8 JavaScript mission found that “the background parser would hold a whole zone alive long after the code was already compiled,” based on a blog post.
  4. The websites that Google benchmarked memory usage on consists of some important properties together with Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Flipboard, Imgur and the New York Times.
  5. Google highlights two first sections of improvement in the second half of the post: JavaScript Heap Size Reduction and the Zone Memory Reduction.
  6. The first changes memory usage on low-memory devices through the introduction of a memory decrease mode that fine-tunes garbage collection heuristics to the lower memory usage of JavaScript garbage collected heap.
  7. Google noticed a mean heap size reduction of 50% when it ran benchmark tests on Chrome 53 and 55.

Still, users who’re aware of performance issues with some tabs and apps open or who own a system with a lot of memory are more likely to see less of a difference with the browser Chrome 55. Chrome is available to download for Windows, iOS, Mac, and Linux systems, and users should see the new performance-enhanced update on December 6.

The only drawback, we’ve to wait a little longer to take pleasure in this model as a result of it mustn’t come out ahead on 6 December, in simply under two months.

Now the excellent news is that the company will concentrate its attempts so that the browser can be used in the good conditions on the more modest configurations with 1GB of RAM.

Source: The Chromium Projects, V8 JavaScript Engine


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