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Clash Of Clans’ Update Leak Possibly Confirms Multi-Village Features & More

Clash Of Clans ’ next update is expected to be huge and different from anything else the game has ever seen. If this art leak from China is to be believed, we may know some of the patch’s key features. These include multi-Village support and some kind of Night Mode.

The leak was posted by SebixPhoenix on the Clash Of Clans subreddit and has since been translated by several native Chinese speakers. As such, while we know what the text in the image says, we cannot yet verify its legitimacy.

With that disclaimer out of the way, the first thing fans should make note of is the large ship in the center of the graphic. Its design lines up perfectly with the Shipwreck leaks that have been progressively developing since last fall, and it looks like the next patch will reveal exactly what this little boat can do.

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The top-right characters partially translate to “second Village,” which is precisely what recent data mines related to the Shipwreck feature have hinted. As those who play Clash Of Clans will likely know, Supercell hasn’t made it very easy to work on several Villages at once without some serious account swapping. If you wanted to have parallel Villages at Town Hall 9 and Town Hall 11, for example, that wasn’t a seamless transition. According to this leak, this hassle won’t exist for too much longer.

In addition to multi-Village options, that same text blurb also makes reference to some sort of “night world of extreme speed.” We’re not totally sure what’s being referenced here, but the general community consensus has landed on a Night Mode, where Villages are built and maintained under the cover of stars instead of sunlight. The fact that it’s got “extreme speed” might also mean this mode is a way to get your Clash Of Clans fix in smaller chunks.

While the game’s hardcore crowd is likely used to the sizable time investment of an intense war, mobile gaming has changed significantly since this app first debuted in 2012. As the pace of our lifestyle increases, smartphone experiences have become much quicker too. Aside from adding a neat aesthetic, this supposed Night Mode could cater to a different audience and gameplay preference.

As discussed by our friends at International Business Times, Clash Of Clans’ next update can be considered a seismic change unlike anything players have seen before. We don’t know much about the intricacies of multi-Village support or Night Mode, but these two features certainly seem like they could fit that bill. With players managing more content at a possibly faster rate, that’s definitely going to make the existing experience feel totally different.

No release date has been offered for the update, but, if this art is genuine, we assume it’s sometime fairly soon.

Clash Of Clans is available now on Android and iOS.

What do you think of this update leak? Is it real, and are these features enough to maintain your interest? Tell us in the comments section!