‘Clash Of Clans’ Update Release Not Happening Before May 11

Clash Of Clans ’ next big update is officially on the horizon as Supercell has zeroed in on its release window. In an official forum post, the developers told fans not to expect much before May 11.

This news arrives after an update to the same thread Friday morning. In that edit we learned that, unlike previous patches, this one probably won’t be revealed via video sneak peeks. This aberration from the trend compelled many fans to assume the update’s release date was as imminent as this Tuesday; however, those expectations have been kept in check thanks to this most recent estimate.

In the same vein it’s added that, just because the update’s release won’t be before May 11, there’s also no guarantee everything will go live by May 12 either.

Despite being advertised as Clash Of Clans’ biggest and most different patch yet, there’s a lot we still don’t know. If we’re to go by official teasers, the only thing we can confirm is that its headlining feature will be a boat that needs repairs. Once everything’s been fixed, the assumption is that this so-called Shipwreck can be used as a form of multi-Village support.

A Chinese leak posted by us last week also pointed out the possible addition of a high-speed Night Mode. If true, we assume some players will soon be maintaining their Villages under the cover of stars. The speed factor implies that we’ll be seeing a specific gameplay adjustment as a result, but it’s ultimately not clear what that adjustment will be.

As for what May’s update will not include, Supercell has gone on record to say that fans should not anticipate level advancements for Town Halls, walls or Heroes.

When this update goes live, it will officially be Clash Of Clans’ most substantial change of 2017. Light balance tweaks were adopted in March to make buffs and nerfs in all the right places, but this is the first time in a long time that players will be able to test out a brand new feature.

In recent weeks hype levels have reached such a peak that the current atmosphere could be compared to the excitement surrounding the Town Hall 11 release at the end of 2015. Hopefully, however, these new additions will be received more positively. Following massive fan backlash after Town Hall 11, Supercell was forced to spend the early months of 2016 patching out loot collection and Personal Break mistakes with entirely new features. The experience has been in a fairly balanced state ever since, and we’re hopeful it will stay that way.

Clash Of Clans is available now on iOS and Android.

What do you hope to see when Clash Of Clans’ May update releases? Are these Shipwreck features enough to keep you intrigued? Tell us in the comments section!