‘Clash Royale’ Update Brings New Cards Including Mega Knight, Cannon Cart And More: Find Out All The June Update Details Here

Supercell has just dropped its June 2017 Clash Royale update and with it come exciting new cards like the Mega Knight, Skeleton Barrel and more. Find out everything that’s changed in the latest update, here.

After a weekend of teasers, Supercell released its latest Clash Royale update early Monday morning. The update brings not only balancing changes for over 10 game cards it also introduced four new cards coming to the Clash Royale, each with its own unique debut challenge event. In addition, the company announced an expansion of the 2V2 battle feature launched in the last major Clash Royale update. Since Clash Royale updates tend to be fairly substantial, we’ve put together a complete overview of every new game feature as well as a break down of each new card, its stats and available release info. Check it out!

Clash Royale June Update Feature #1: Four New Cards Introduced

As noted in the Sneak Peeks over the weekend, Supercell is adding four new cards to the game over the next several weeks, among which are a legendary, epic, rare and common. Here is how each of them stacks up.

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New Card #1: Mega Knight

clash royale june 2017 update new cards mega knight skeleton barrel cannon cart game modes challenges 2v2 supercell

The Mega Knight is a new legendary card coming to the Clash Royale arena this summer.

  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Elixir Cost: 7
  • Targets: Ground
  • Range: Melee

The Mega Knight comes equipped with slightly higher health than the Mega Hound but less than a PEKKA, both which are also 7 elixir to deploy. Similar to the PEKKA his speed and attack are medium to slow. However, the Mega Knight has an extra ace up his sleeve. When moving between one adversary and another, he will act similarly to the Bandit, except he jumps in the air instead of dashing forward. When deployed, the Mega Knight lands with a spawn damage similar to the Electro Wizard. Combined with the Log, this card packs a powerful punch, capable of taking out a Witch, Barbarians or Ice Wizard. The Mega Knight deals splash damage in a similar way that the Dark Prince does but with a lot more power behind it. Its swing will deal 25% more damage than a swing from the Dark Prince.

New Card #2: Cannon Cart

clash royale june 2017 update new cards mega knight skeleton barrel cannon cart game modes challenges 2v2 supercell

The Cannon Cart, takes the cannon and makes it mobile. It’s a new epic card coming to Clash Royale in the Summer 2017 Update

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Elixir Cost: 5
  • Targets: Ground

This card is reminiscent of the Battle Ram in that it moves forward with a shield. Once the shield is broken, the wheels fall off and it becomes a stationary cannon and is then classified as a building. The travel speed on the Cannon Cart is fairly speedy, moving as quickly as an Electro Wizard. It has a 5.5 tile range. This is equal to the Ice Wizard’s range. Its firing speed/damage is slightly less than the Musketeer.

New Card #3: Flying Machine

  • Rarity: Rare
  • Elixir Cost: 4
  • Targets: Air & Ground

This flying contraption works similarly to the Dart Goblin but is different in that it flies in the air and moves a bit more slowly. Its speed and damage are similar to the Baby Dragon. The Flying Machine could do a decent amount of damage to a target as long as a fireball isn’t around, which is capable of completely snuffing the Flying Machine out. The Flying Machine would best be used as support in a counter push as it can target both air and ground units and can attack a tower from the same range as the Musketeer.

New Card #4: Skeleton Barrel

clash royale june 2017 update new cards mega knight skeleton barrel cannon cart game modes challenges 2v2 supercell The Mega Knight is a new legendary card coming to the Clash Royale arena this summer.

  • Rarity: Common
  • Elixir Cost: 3
  • Targets: Buildings

The Skelton Barrel is an interesting new offering that features a barrel of 8 skeletons being flown across the arena by Balloon. Once the balloons are popped out fly the skeleton army of 8. The Skeleton Barrel balloon has 636 HP, making it similar to an Ice Wizard in that a Poison spell can’t take it out. The Skeleton Barrel moves at the same medium speed as the Balloon so it isn’t an immediate threat, but you definitely don’t want it connecting with your tower as 8 little skeletons can do an incredible amount of damage if you aren’t prepared to counter them. The Skeleton Barrel only targets buildings so popping ahead of it reaching your tower and having a counter ready like arrows or zap is advisable.

Clash Royale Update Feature #2: New 2V2 Modes

clash royale june 2017 update new cards mega knight 2v2 battle friendly battle modes Supercell is bringing three new ways to play 2V2 battles including 2V2 Drafts, Friendly Battles and a 2V2 mode where you can partner with random players of similar level. ​

When Supercell introduced the 2V2 battles it reignited the passion in me that drew me to the game in the first place. Building off the momentum of this exciting new game mode, Supercell is expanding 2V2 play modes to include the following:

  • 2V2 Friendly Clan Battles – In the latest update, Clash Royale fans are now able to launch a Friendly 2V2 battle amongst clan mates. Initiating a 2V2 battle is the same as a regular friendly battle. Once you’ve put in the request, you simply wait to see if three other clan mates want to join you. The feature makes playing with clan mates even more fun than ever and is definitely a feature I’ve been hoping would come our way.
  • 2V2 Draft Challenge – If you’ve played many 2V2 battles, you know there are some clan mates with whom you have a great synergy, while with others you can’t seem to get in even one win. For those who’ve found that clan mate with whom you feel invincible, the new 2V2 Draft Challenges are sure to be a treat. The new challenge type will take two clan mates and pit them against members of another clan in a wacky double draft challenge. I can imagine these battle being both exciting and insane and can’t wait to give it a go.
  • 2V2 Mode – This new mode is probably the one I’m most stoked about and basically it adds a new dimension to the multiplayer angle. The 2V2 mode will show up on your main battle screen starting June 12 and basically allows you to play a draft battle either with a clan mate or a player of a similar ranking as you. In these battles you don’t earn any trophies, but the crowns won do count towards you crown chests and clan chest. You also get the reward gold like in a normal battle. I really like this mode because it’s all about having fun and there’s basically no penalties, only rewards. The 2V2 mode will run for 7 days initially and then will return through the month of July.

Clash Royale June Update Feature #3: New Challenge Modes

In addition to all the new 2V2 game modes, Supercell is also testing out a number of variations on Elixir with three new Challenge types. They are as follows:

  • Ramp It Up – starts with minute one, normal amount of elixir, minute two, double and minute three triple elixir.
  • Sudden Death – This mode starts the game as if you are already in overtime. The first one to destroy any tower wins.
  • 3 Elixir – play the entire game with three times the normal elixir. You’ll have to be quick to win this one!

Clash Royale June Update Misc. Features

  • Balance Changes – you can see the full overview of those, here.
  • Extra Battle Deck Slots – For players at level 8 or above, you can now save up to five different battle decks.
  • Friends List – You can now invite friends to you friends list via Line, Email, Text or other social media.
  • Invite Friends To Clan – This is so much easier than the clunky clan code.
  • Clan Chat Profanity Filter – this can be toggled on or off in the Settings Menu.
  • Offense Reports – do this via Clan Chat for offensive players or language.
  • Copy Decks From TV Royale And Shared Replays
  • Get In A Clan Earlier – players can now join clans from level one and can request cards at level 3.
  • Card Shop Cycle Updated – The card shop will now cycle through all available cards within 3 months.