ClockTuner: the miracle recipe for the Ryzen 3000?

All those who are used to optimizing their Ryzen processors know 1usmus. It is indeed the “daddy” of a very practical tool called DRAM Calculator . Our friend does it again with CTR, ClockTuner, a new tool for the Zen 2 architecture, i.e. in addition to the AMD Ryzen 3000, the Ryzen Threadripper also benefits from it.


Away from the gas plant, the tool promises automated CPU optimization without increasing the power consumption of the latter. All this is done through Smart Overclocking, which evaluates the quality of each CCX and adjusts frequencies and undervoltage individually. A special Prime95 preset, also developed by 1usmus, is integrated into the tool and is used to evaluate the quality of each CCX. This is coupled with an algorithm that adjusts the frequency for balanced operation of all CCXs without moving the load onto the CPU nodes (modules).

In addition to Prime95, the tool also integrates Cinebench R20 to evaluate the overall performance of the processor and displays voltage and power consumption in the efficiency tests that have been performed previously.


As an example, a test was conducted on a Ryzen 9 3900X processor and a performance improvement of 7% was obtained with the automatic procedure while the overall CPU consumption was reduced by 12.8W.

However, there is a downside to all this. All these announcements are difficult to verify since the software is currently not freely downloadable. It has been “tested” by a few people selected by 1usmus.

Far be it from us to question the work of 1usmus, but the potential of this tool is still being debated within the community, especially on our Discord server. We are therefore very eager to conduct our own tests.

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