CloneApp UA lets you back up and restore Windows App settings


Migrating to a new system or performing a fresh install, whatever may be the case, life becomes easy when you can carry all your ex settings and tweaks along with you. If you do not wish to perform a full backup and restore, CloneApp UA for Universal Apps helps. This free portable tool empowers you to back up or restore settings of UWP applications on Windows 10 devices.

CloneApp UA for Windows 10

While CloneApp lets you backup Win 32 Programs along with its Settings, CloneApp UA lets you take a backup or restore the settings of UWP applications on Windows 10 devices. Typically it automates this process. Besides, this application also supports reset and cache clearing.

CloneApp UA

This app knows where each program stores its settings and registry keys, and then backs it all up in one go so the user doesn’t need to do all the groundwork. This app is great for those who are considering to reinstall or migrate their system as CloneApp UA allows easy restoration of their application’s configuration.

Back up & restore Windows App settings & data

CloneApp is totally portable, which means the users will not need to install anything. Simply, extract the program to its own folder on the desktop.

CloneApp UA

Right-click and select Run as Administrator to launch it.

Click on “Search Apps Packages” to scan the current system for UWP applications. All UWP apps found are listed in the middle column after the scan.

CloneApp UA

Check” the programs you want to back up.

CloneApp UA

Click “Back up”. The CloneApp will back up all the necessary files and registry keys to its folder which can later be copied to the new system.

CloneApp UA

By default, the data is saved to the CloneApp folder.

CloneApp UA

After starting the backup, the output folder “Backup” is automatically created.

That’s it! Your settings are now backed up.

To Restore, copy the backup files to the new system, “Launch The Program” and click “Restore” to have all your settings back.

CloneApp UA Repair feature

CloneApp UA also supports repair functionality, select one or multiple applications, and then click repair option to display available options.

CloneApp UA

Currently, repair supports four operations:

  1. Normal Reset – clears the settings file
  2. Hard Reset – clears settings files, app data, preferences, and sign-in details
  3. Clear App Cache
  4. Clear App Store Cache

System apps and installed Microsoft Store apps can be reset.

CloneApp UA is surely one smart and simple tool that makes the backup – when reinstalling Windows or migrating your software – an easy and less time-consuming task. You can download CloneApp UA by clicking here.

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