CloudBerry Remote Assistant – Another Free Remote Control Screen Sharing Tool


ClourdBerry Remote Assistant is another remote control and desktop screen sharing for Windows. Much like TeamViewer and Wayk Now, it is designed to provide a quick and secure way to access a remote desktop or server across the Internet. The tool is currently still in beta and is available Free for Windows users.

Here is how CloudBerry Remote Assistant works

1. Download the installation package from CloudBerry Remote Assistant web page. You will need to provide your email address to download the file.

2. Install the tool on both computers that you need to remote control from and to.

3. Launch the tool on the computer you want to remote access, you will get the screen like below with a computer ID and password that you can use to remote control from another computer.

4. Now, launch the tool on the computer that you will be using to remote access the other computers, type in the Computer ID and Password you obtained from the last step and hit Connect.

5. The authorization window pops up on the computer you need to remote access. Select either View Only or Full Control from the window and OK to authorize the access.

6. Once authorized, you are connected, either in View Only mode or Full Control mode.

Here is a video clip that demonstrates the process in action.

If you are using the tool for the remote user, you can use Get Invitation link and send the session Url to the user so they can install the tool and get connected automatically right after.

Main features

Other than providing remote access and desktop screen sharing, it also has another two features that are quite useful.

Text and voice chat

The chat is built-in the connected session and is available at the top bar when connected. You can either do text chat or voice chat over the Internet, making the remote support a more intuitive experience.

Encrypted connection

To make the connected session super secure, you can use Security Configuration to enable Encryption for all incoming connection’s traffic. Once enabled, both parties will need the public key to get connected. Without the key, it will be impossible to connect to the computer that has Encryption enabled.

You can use Regerate_Keypair button to regenerate the public key if needed.

My wish list

Overall, CloudBerry Remote Assistant works quite well but there are a few things I do wish that can be added in the final version.

  1. A portable version for a remote user to provide quick support without going through the installation process. It would be cool that the portable version can be downloaded right through the Invitation Link.
  2. Unintended remote access. Maybe, a setting somewhere that I can turn on so I can get in without the consent from the remote computer.
  3. Support more platforms. It would be nice that I can remote access another computer right from my smartphone.