Cloudtag lets you upload and share files using Hashtag


Many times we want to share files, software, etc. with our friends, relatives, teammates, etc. There are hundreds of methods by which you can get this done. From using a pen drive to different online tools, you can take help from anything. However, the problem occurs, when you need to share a large file quickly. There are many web apps that let you share large files, – but today we will take a look at this free Windows software called Cloudtag that lets you upload and share files using a Hashtag. Let’s check out the features of Cloudtag and see how it works.

Upload & share files with Cloudtag

Let’s assume that you want to share a software with someone. If you try Gmail, it will block your email since Gmail doesn’t allow users to share any executable file. Most of the online file sharing app comes with some limitations which do not permit people to upload any large file. However, Cloudtag allows you to upload any size of the file – but it has its advantages as well as disadvantages.

Benefits of using Cloudtag:

  1. You do not need any account. Just download it to your machine, and start using it right away. Quick and straightforward.
  2. There is no unique link that you have to copy. Obviously, you need a link, but that can be remembered easily since you can customize that link according to your wish.
  3. The recipient doesn’t need any account as well. As you send the file URL, the recipient can download the file right away.
  4. There is no file size limitation. While testing, I have tried uploading 1.5Gb of a file and it uploaded successfully.
  5. There is no file extension limitation. In other words, you can upload any file.

Disadvantages of Cloudtag:

  1. It is not private at all, and this is the main drawback of Cloudtag. In other words, if someone gets to know about the hashtag that you have used to upload a file, he/she can download it from the Cloudtag server.
  2. There is no “Delete” option in this app. That means, once you upload a file, it gets stored in the Cloudtag server for a long time (The expiry time is not clear yet).
  3. Once you create a hashtag, you cannot edit it ever. That means you need to create a different hashtag for each file that you want to upload.

Talking about the user interface, Cloudtag is a very good looking desktop app that comes with a very few option. After opening it, you will see a window like this-

Cloudtag lets you upload and share files using hashtag

First, you have to create a hashtag, and it must be unique. You cannot use a hashtag that has already been used. After that, you can use drag & drop technique to upload files.

It takes time for processing based on the file size. After this, you can copy the link along with a hashtag and send it to the person who can then download your file. The recipient will see an interface like this-

Cloudtag lets you upload and share files using hashtag

Now he/she can download the file easily by clicking on the “Download” button.

You can download Cloudtag from here. You can install it on Windows 10/8/7.