CoD Warzone vehicles are back after fixing game breaking bug

Infinity Ward has returned CoD Warzone vehicles back into the free-to-play battle royale game following the fix of a game breaking bug.

While the CoD Warzone vehicles weren’t removed for long, it is an unprecedented feature removal for the multiplayer shooter. The entire feature of driving and piloting had to be scrapped from the game to combat a horrendous glitch.

The glitch in question saw players taking vehicles out of bounds without any consequences. However, while that is bad for a competitive multiplayer game, a single player being out of bounds would eventually cause the entire game to end for all players.

Thankfully, vehicles have now returned to Call of Duty Warzone. Players can now drive and fly wherever they want.

“Along with today’s playlist update, we also added vehicles back into Warzone. Thank you for your patience,” Infinity Ward wrote on Twitter.

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