Color Picker free software & online tools to identify HTML color HEX, RGD, etc, codes


Quite often, we need to identify a color on a web page or in an application, so that we can use it on our blogs or apps as well. In such a case, we need to make use of tools to identify the color codes. This list of Color Picker freeware tools and free online web services will help you identify HTML color HEX, RGD, etc codes from images, websites, etc.

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Free Color Code Finder software

1] ColorPix- A free color picker tool which lets you get the color codes and copy it directly into your clipboard. This tool coordinates grabs the pixel on your screen and transforms it into several color formats to pick from. The best part is that it is a lightweight tool and requires no installation. Just download it and its ready to use. ColorPix comes with a built-in magnifier which lets you zoom-in on the screen and picks the color easily. Just zoom in a pic, click on the color and its copied to your clipboard.

2] Pixie – A portable freeware especially useful for graphic designers and web designers. If you are looking for a tool which can help you hunting some nice colors from the screen, Pixie is the one for you. You just need to run Pixie, the tool and you can point any color to know the HEX, HTML, CMYK, RGB and HSV values. These values further can help you to reproduce those colors in your graphic designing.

3] Just Color Picker- Just Color Picker is a free and portable color picker and color editor which identifies the colors, help you picking them and copying to the clipboard with a single click. Combining the colors and editing them is really quick and easy with this tool. It lets you select the area as small as a single pixel and pick the color to the finest tint. The notable feature Just Color Picker is its harmonious color finder which lets you find a nice combination of colors matching the base colors. For example, if you want to select a font color for your website, select the primary color of your website and the tool will suggest you the best color combinations matching harmoniously with your website.

4] CP1 Color Picker- It is a simple color picking software for Windows PC which lets you pick any color quickly and easily. CP1 is a lightweight tool which supports Windows 10 too, it comes in a portable version too. Install the tool on your PC and you can find the HTML and RGB color codes of any color positioned anywhere on your desktop. As soon as you install CP1 Color Picker on your PC, it grabs the colors on your screen and gives you the color codes just as shown in the image below. Just click on any code and paste it somewhere in Notepad for future usage. CP1 color picker settings

5] Colorpic- Suitable for the high-resolution monitors, this color picker comes with a magnifier. This tool lets you grab up to 19 color palettes at a time and mix it to get the desired spectrum. You can adjust the colors using the advanced four color mixer of Colorpic. The tool works with almost every popular web browsers and photo editing applications like Photoshop etc. You can download Colorpic here.

6] ColorZilla- Available as both Firefox add-on and a Chrome extension, ColorZilla is again a free color picking tool worth adding to the list. With this tool, you can get the color code from any point in your web browser. In fact, you can analyze the complete color palette of a web page using ColorZilla. Its online palette viewer helps you to view, bookmark or share any of your color palettes online. The DOM Color Analyzer of ColorZilla inspects the colors on any web page, detects locates corresponding elements and helps determine the exact color codes. Download the tool here.

Color Picker Online Tool

Besides the above mentioned free color picker software, there are many color picker online tools too which help you getting the exact color codes.


This is a simple online color picker tool to select a color and get HTML color code, HEX value, HSV value and RGB value of that particular pixel. You can upload a picture or just paste the image URL in the address bar to get the color code. Just upload the picture and take the mouse cursor on the desired color and you can see the selected color in the thumbnail image along with the HTML, HSV and RGB color code. color-picker-online-400x139-3533922

While this online tool doesn’t offer the features like matching and contrasting, it is still worth adding to the list. It is one of the simplest color picker tools online which requires no technical knowledge. Anyone can just choose the color and get the color code. It gives you the darkest to the lightest shade of a color. The only downside of this online tool is that you can’t save the selected color codes for your future reference. You can check out the tool here.


If you don’t prefer using the desktop color picking tools, this web-based tool could be your choice. It is a simple tool which gives you the color names, HEX and RGB color code for a particular color you select. You can save up to 9 color selections you’ve made. On the bottom of the webpage, you can see some links which take you to the color chart and to generate the new color schemes.


This online color picker tool comes with an entirely different interface. It turns your entire screen into a color picker. Just keep moving your mouse cursor on your screen and click on the color you like. It will save the color instantly and by clicking on the Settings icon, you can get the HEX, HSL and RGB code. It is fun using this tool but at the same time is a bit confusing because there is no color wheel to choose the colors from. It might be quite time-taking but then again some of you might like it for its different layout and interface. hailpixek-online-color-picker-400x191-8161097

Besides these free software and the online color picker tool, the developer tools of most popular web browsers also include color picker tools.

You might be interested in knowing that Bing introduced its Color Picker tool. You might want to also take a look at the Color Picker Tool in Internet Explorer and in the Inspect Element of Google Chrome browser.


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