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Corsair launches the HS60 Haptic Gaming Headset


Corsair has launched the HS60 Haptic Gaming Headset. The latest addition to the HS series from Corsair attempts to improve gaming immersion levels by adding so called haptic technology. Making this latest headset stand out from its brethren, Corsair leverages technology from Silicon Valley’s Taction to deliver ‘haptic bass’.

Let us look more closely at the Taction Technology before considering the other features of the HS60. Your initial perception of these ‘feel the bass’ headphones might be that Corsair has simply stuck a pair of rumblers in the headphone earcups. Taction has a very clear answer to this. It says that indeed, some headphones have secondary transducers which can’t deliver a high-fidelity bass experience – offering uneven frequency response, and slow response. However, Taction’s patented components provide “excellent impulse response, frequency response that is flat down to 15Hz, and are 20x more powerful than any previous tactile transducer.” In some gaming-centric answers to questions Taction even goes so far as asserting that its technology can speed up your gaming reaction time.

Beyond the above special haptic sauce, Corsair’s HS60 core technology remains as you would expect. The headset utilises a pair of custom-tuned 50mm neodymium audio drivers covering 20Hz – 20kHz, the ear cups are adjustable and fitted with plush memory foam padding, it comes with a fully detachable noise-cancelling uni-directional microphone, there are on-ear volume and haptic effect controls, and you can connect via traditional 3.5mm audio cable or USB. The latter option offers the benefit of Corsair iCue control for custom audio equalizer settings and more. There is no RGB here, it would clash with the camo.

Corsair says the HS60 Haptic Gaming Headset is available immediately from the usual resellers and direct. Here in the UK it is priced at £119.99 with free shipping included.

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