Could this be the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3?

Many things have been said about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, but we have yet to see the device’s official image. Well, Ben Geskin has decided to change that, as he recently posted an image on Twitter, where he shows us what could be Samsung’s new foldable device.

We are still waiting to get official images of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, but those may take a while to show up. In the meantime, we’ve found what could be the next best thing. Ben Geskin has recently posted a render of what he believes will be Samsung’s new foldable device’s final design. At a simple glance, we can see that this device holds a strong resemblance with the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra if we were to leave out the other half of the device. However, this makes perfect sense, as the Galaxy Z Fold 2 looks a lot like the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Here’s how I imagine Galaxy Z Fold 3 Ultra

— Ben Geskin ???‍? (@BenGeskin) January 29, 2021

However, having a similar design in the camera module doesn’t guarantee that we will get the same camera sensors, so we may end up getting a slightly downgraded camera, just like on its predecessor. Geskin also believes that the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will arrive with S Pen support, but he explains that the stylus won’t come in the device. Instead, we would see the same solution given to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, or maybe magnets, like in Apple’s iPad Pro.

Previous rumors suggest that the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 may launch in June. Further, the new foldable is also expected to arrive with the same price tag as its predecessor. What’s more interesting is that this may be Samsung’s first device to feature an under-display selfie camera, but we will have to wait for more information to confirm or deny these rumors.

Source Twitter