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It’s very important for Windows 10 computer users to back-up their important files because anything can happen. There are several cloud services available, but if you’re more of an old-school person, then you’ll want to do things locally. With that in mind, then, I’d like to recommend Karen’s Replicator to get the job done. You see, this free backup software is all about using a scheduler to back-up all or only selected files on your computer.

Karen’s Replicator for Windows PC

After launching Karen’s Replicator for the first time, you’ll notice it comes with a basic-looking user interface. There’s not much here to look at in terms of advanced features, but that shouldn’t be an issue for most users.

Let’s talk about how to use Karen’s Replicator

  1. Create a Job
  2. Job Settings
  3. Other Settings

1] Create a Job

Karen's Replicator

OK, so when it comes down to creating a job, this is an easy task to accomplish, for certain. Click on Edit Settings, then New Job. From here you’ll want to enter the name of the job, and the source and destination folders.

If you want, the option is there to filter out files and choose the day and time the job should activate.

The ability to include sub-folders is also an option, and it’s on by default. Turn it off by unticking the box then move on to the other features. Once you’ve set everything as they should be, hit the button at the bottom that says Save Job.

From there, Karen’s Replicator will do its thing at the time originally set.

2] Job Settings

For those who might not be pleased with the job they’ve created, or have no more use for it, simply delete it with the Delete Job button, or Edit it. Whatever changes that were made here can be saved or discarded.

3] Other Settings

In terms of the other settings, users will see a bunch of things they can alter. If the user so chooses, he or she can log all contents, or merely the ones that are more important. Additionally, the user can choose not to log a single thing, and that’s a fine move as well.

Do you want Karen’s Replicator to launch itself each time Windows 10 boots up? No problem just set it to!

There’s not much left to talk about where this tool is concerned, and that’s mainly due to its ease of use. Just follow the steps laid out here, and you’ll be just fine once you’re ready to back-up your awesome files. Download Karen’s Replicator right here via the official website.

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